6 Things to Consider before Riding a Superbike

Supersports bikes or better known as superbike are powerful, fast, and extremely fun. However, there are many things that you need to consider before riding a superbike to avoid unwanted accident and keep the machine in a good condition, which will be explained on this article.

You can read some of the useful tips on the following list below:
• Understand the limits: it is very tempting to push your superbike to its full capacity whenever you ride it. However, this kind of act may create serious disastrous consequences. Your superbike will most likely outperform yourself, so do not go overboard and stay within the comfort zone. Make some agreements with your friends on when to stop and regroup to avoid going overboard with your superbike.
• Choose good fuel: the overall performance and particularly the engine of superbike are highly affected by fuel quality used for the bike. Whenever the bike is on regular maintenance, make sure that both the coolant and oil can enter the engine. Change the engine oil according to the interval recommended by the manufacturer. It will help to extend the lifespan of your engine.
• Do regular maintenance: using a superbike with a good condition is very important to ensure your safety. Thus, having regular maintenance is recommended. Always inspect the key components of your superbike for wear or damage. Immediately fix or replace the damaged parts to avoid further possible consequences.
• Consider aerodynamics: for those who prefer upright and relaxed riding position, you can buy a tourer or cruiser. Most superbikes are engineered with a low gravity center and aerodynamics in built and mind. You may need to duck down pretty long wat to avoid buffeting as the windshields are mostly very low to reduce the drag.
• Ride smoothly: squeeze the lever of the brake and feed the throttle gently while you are carefully shifting between gears. By shifting gently, the weight will shift predictably. Violent change of throttle or sudden braking may cause your bike to buck or skid.
• Choose proper riding gear: make sure you choose riding gear that give you the utmost protection. The speeds will let loose particles to flick up. Wearing a helmet and leathers is recommended to avoid unwanted distraction.

The list above already explain several tips to ride a superbike properly. Make sure to always ride a superbike in a safe and controlled environment. You can check the regular availability of the tracks near your area.

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