2004 Modified Top 10

In the Modified battle, Don Hart Jr. utilized a three-win season to earn the title by 82 markers driving his Enders small-block powered Bicknell No. X1. En route to the championship, he scored a pair of extra-distance victories, including the Season Opener on May 15 and the Heath Memorial on June 26.

"It's an honor to be in the league of drivers who have won the championship here," said Hart, whose previous best was a second to Mitch Gibbs in 2002. "To join names like Worthing, Colsten and Akulis is great. And really, I have to thank Andrew Harpell for giving us a place to race. He's put a lot into Five Mile Point."

Hart asserted that he will be back to defend his championship in 2005, but did say it would be tough to repeat the success of '04. "Our standards are already set when we get there (for the opener)," he said. "Second or third is going to seem like nothing, like we're backing up."

Rich Keehle Jr., Dana Wagner, Brian Malcolm and J.R. Crouse were second through fifth, respectively. Jim Crawn, Glenn Knapp Jr., Bobby Puckett, Dan Vauter and James Cornell rounded out the top 10.