Codington Racing Team's
#3x Mike Codington
Pure Stock

Driver: Mike Codington
Date of Birth: January 8, 1970
Home Town: Port Crane, NY
Job Title: Manager at Diamond Autoglass
Years in this class: 2
Family: Ryan, Rachelle, Melissa, Dad, Mom

Owner: Mike Codington

Pit Crew

Shaw Logging
B&D Exhaust
powerglides by Gilbert Motorsports

Racing Moment
Winning my first race.

4 Feature Wins
11+ Heat Wins
6th in points at The New Afton Speedway 2004
7th in points at Five Mile Point Speedway 2004
Heat race win at every track I went to accept for Thunder Mountain

Special Thanks
To Dougs Speed Shop, B&D Exhaust, Dad, Mom, Jim Gabriel Sr, Champion Motorsports, Ryan