2011 Five Mile Point Speedway Membership Application


Please Check One: Driver Membership _____ Crew Membership _____


Applicant Name: ___________________________________________ Car #: _____________

(car numbers will not be assigned until fmp office receives receipt of paid membership application)


Applicant Address: _____________________________________________________________

(please print and fill out completely)


__________________________Zip Code: ______________ S.S #: _______-______-______


Racing Division: Mod ____ SM ___ IMCA ___PS ___Figure 8___Cats: novice___ expert____


Birth Date: ____/____/____ Phone Numbers: (h) __________________ (w) _________________


Cell Phone Number: ___________________ Email Address: __________________________


Driver Website: ______________________ Other Car # Choices: _____________________


Car Owner: ____________________________ S.S #: _______ - _______ - _______


Owner Address: _____________________________________________ Zip Code: __________


Phone Numbers: (h) ____________________ (w) __________________ (c) ___________________





Every driver wanting to be eligible for point fund awards, contingency or bonus awards must file a membership award. This includes any or all bonus lap money, giveaways or promotional incentives. The Five Mile Point Speedway Membership Card will be sent to each individual and will provide the lowest discounted pit admission price at each event when offered.

Cost $50 prior to April 1, 2011 cost after April 1, 2011 is $60


IN CONSIDERATION of the acceptance of this Five Mile Point Speedway Membership Form, I for myself, my heirs, next of kin, personal representatives and assigns, FOREVER RELEASE, REMISE and FOREVER DISCHARGE and AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY the promoters presenting races or other events, the owners (lessors) of the premises at which these events are held, the participants, theron, and the owners, sponsors and manufacturers of all racing equipment used in any of these events, the officers, directors, agents, employees and servants of all of them, including officials and Five Mile Point Speedway members, Southern Tier Micro Reality Racing, Inc. (STMRR, Inc.), Five Mile Point Speedway, Inc. of and from all liability, claims, action and of possible causes of action whatsoever. Including negligence of any of the foregoing, that may accrue to me or my heirs, next of kin and personal representatives from every and any loss, damage and injury, including death, that may be sustained by my person and property while in or about and enroute into and out of any Five Mile Point Speedway event.


By signing this 2011 Five Mile Point Speedway membership Form I acknowledge that I have read the entire form and understand its contents. Five Mile Point Speedway has consent to use driver name and likeness for promotional and souvenir materials. This Five Mile Point Speedway Membership may be revoked at any time for failure to adhere to tour rules, implied or assessed. Everyone entering the pit area must be a full member or temp. (single event member).


Applicant Signature: _____________________________ Date Signed: _______________


Checks may be made payable to: Five Mile Point Speedway, P.O. Box 54 Kirkwood, New York 13795. Forms may be faxed to (607) 775-3417 however car numbers will not be assigned until payments are received at the fmp offices. For further information please phone: (607) 775-5555 or log on to www.fivemilepointspeedway.net. Cell phone and email information is requested to help inform members if the situation of an event rainout or cancellation should occur.