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Mike Colsten thrills crowd on ‘Pack the Track’ night at the Point

By Ryan Lepre


Mike Colsten of Binghamton, NY had a mission on Saturday night and that was to win on his sponsor Don’s Automotive Mall Pack the Track night at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Colsten’s plans were accomplished as he passed Barry White on lap 22 then outran the field to the checkered flag in the 30 lap Modified feature.  For Colsten, it was his first feature win at the speedway since October 11th, 2008.  Danny Creeden of Middletown, NY charged to second at the finish following him were Barry White Mertztown, PA; Shaun Walker of Masonville, NY and Kevin Bates of Lake Ariel, PA.  Nick Petrilak led the entire distance to win the Sportsman event over Alex Stanton.   Mike Wilmot made a last lap last turn pass of KC Cole to win the IMCA Mod main meanwhile Jon Carpenter picked up another Street Stock win.  Brian Mady(600cc Modifieds), George Brown(Factory Stock), Jeff Hayes(Lightning Cat Expert) and Josh Mutz(Lightning Cat Novice) all picked up wins of Saturday.


Barry White and Jim Gabriel Jr. led the Modifieds to the green flag with White moving to the lead before the caution flew for Ken Titus and Glenn Knapp.  Titus slide job failed as he hooked Knapp and set up a complete restart.  White once again took the lead while Gabriel and Jamie Batzel battled for second.  Batzel took over second on lap two and then closed on White.  Batzel pulled even with White on lap three and completed the pass off turn two during the fourth circuit.  Batzel was pulling away from White, Shaun Walker, Gabriel and 10th starter Brian Weaver.  White and Walker started a long side by side battle for second meanwhile there was a four wide battle for the sixth spot.  Eleventh starter Mike Colsten had advanced to fifth on lap 11.  At the halfway mark Batzel led by a straightaway over White, Walker, Colsten and Gabriel.  Joey Colsten drew a yellow flag on lap 15 while under the yellow Batzel was seen to be dropping fluid on the speedway.  When officials checked the car is was leaking rear end gear oil and Batzel was forced to retire from the event.  White was back into the lead but he now had Colsten running him down on lap 17 meanwhile Danny Creeden moved from sixth to fourth on lap 19 with a slick three wide maneuver.  Colsten was all over White on lap 22 and he slid his Don’s Automotive Mall No.51 into the lead at the exit of turn four on that lap.  Colsten started building an advantage while White and Walker raced for second which also allowed Creeden and 12th starter Kevin Bates to close in.   Colsten went on to take the win with Creeden in the RJH Construction No.RC1 nipped White at the line for second.  Walker narrowly edged Bates at the checkers for fourth following them were Justin Holland, Weaver, 21st starter Brent Wilcox, Brian Puckett and Gabriel.  Heat wins for the 22 Modifieds went to M.Colsten, White and Weaver.


Nick Petrilak started fourth and had the lead by the completion of the first lap in the Sportsman main.  Petrilak built a large advantage over a tight battle for second between Larry Hillis and PJ Goodwin.  Goodwin made the pass on lap 10 however eighth starter Alex Stanton was on the move and closing on Goodwin.  Petrilak cruised to the win in the non-stop 25 lapper Stanton took second then came Goodwin, Ryan Olsommer and Hillis.


KC Cole led all but the last turn in the thrilling IMCA Modified main.  Cole held off repeated challenges from Mike Wilmot until the last turn on the last lap when Wilmot found a bit of bite on the inside line in turns three and four and out dragged Cole to the finish line.  Ninth starter Scott Bennett, Matt Roberts and Gary Roberts completed the top five. 


The Xcel 600 Modifieds race saw Brian Mady take control on lap four then held off Butch Getz for the victory.  Ryan Higgs, Richie Hitzler and Sean Weiss were the rest of the top five. 

The Street Stocks raced three wide for the lead for the first two laps before Jon Carpenter took command on the race.  Carpenter rolled to the easy win over Shane Wolf and Todd Sutliff.

George Brown won in the Factory Stocks over Rob Warner and Mark Andrus.  Jeff Hayes was the Cat Expert winner besting Dave Simms and Kenny Underwood.  Josh Mutz snagged another Cat Novice win over Tucker HarpellKiddie Cat wins went to Jeremy Warren and Billy Colwell while Leigh Fuller won in A League of Their Own.


MODIFIED FEATURE: MIKE COLSTEN, Danny Creeden, Barry White, Shaun Walker, Kevin Bates, Justin Holland, Brian Weaver, Brent Wilcox, Brian Puckett, Jim Gabriel Jr., Nick Rochinski, Chris Ostrowsky, Brian Malcolm, Jeff Crambo, Ken Titus, John Juhl, Jamie Batzel, Mike Nagel Jr., Joey Colsten, Brent Boyer, Glenn Knapp.


SPORTSMAN FEATURE: NICK PETRILAK, Alex Stanton, P.J. Goodwin, Ryan Olsommer, Larry Hillis, Chris Wood, Dusty Barton, Mike Austin, Mike Dougherty, Tyler Singleton, Wayne Ross, Richie Hillis, Bryan Batzel, A.J. Lord, Jim Sherman, Jack Admudson.


IMCA MODIFIED FEATURE: MIKE WILMOT, KC Cole, Scott Bennett, Matt Roberts, Gary Roberts, Charlie Gilbert, Joel Batzel, Matt Cole, Jason Tuttle, Tanner Harpell, Rob Slezak, Jay Hoyt, Patti Howell, Justin Slezak.


STREET STOCK FEATURE: JON CARPENTER, Shane Wolf Sr., Todd Sutliff, Ryan Codington, Pat Nolan, Roger Walburn, Troy Kress, Joe Warren, Scott Overbaugh, Paul Botts, Tyler Yeagle, Steve Stalker, T.J. Anderson.  DNS – Gene Beadle


600 C.C. MODIFIED FEATURE: BRIAN MADY, Butch Getz, Ryan Higgs, Richie Hitzler, Sean Weiss, Will Eastman, Chris Stockham, Jeromy Guistwite, Kailee Dimorier, Cody Coons, Nick Mady, Justin Dimorier, Abbey Price, Joe Fanelli, Brad French, Colby Getz, Steven Sherwood, Cody Clark.


FACTORY STOCK FEATURE: GEORGE BROWN, Rob Warner, Mark Andrus, Steve Simpson, Chuck Culbertson, Jessie Balez, Tom Valez, Buba Peters, Fred ValezDNS – Harold Walburn, Derrick Peters.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT FEATURE: JEFF HAYES, Dave Simms, Kenny Underwood, Andy Brigham, Travis Hayes, Dennis Keesler, Jason Colwell, Duane Kinne, Gary Kinne, Toby Sparks, Matt Mather, Anthony Seward, Adam Gilbert, Dave Bainbridge, Rick Lunn, Joseph Taylor.


LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE FEATURE: JOSH MUTZ, Tucker Harpell, Matt Hynds, Cody Lembrecht, Mackenzie Gibson, Deb Stalker, Matt Gibson, Dustin Desmond.


KIDDIE CAT FEATURE: JEREMY WARREN (11-13), BILLY COLWELL (8-10), Sarah Wesoloski, Jason Colwell Jr., Paxton Culbertson, Angela Hayes.




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