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Mike Colsten puts the hammer to competition at Five Mile Point

By Ryan Lepre


Mike Colsten of Binghamton, NY is having a ‘flashback’ the last few weeks at Five Mile Point Speedway.  The sixty three year old driver slid by Jeff Crambo on lap 13 and went unchallenged the rest of the way on Saturday night to collect the $2,000 top prize in the Modifieds. Crambo of Throop, PA finished a career best second but trailed Colsten by over a straightaway at the finish.  Jim Gabriel Jr. finished third but was disqualified for weighing in as a small block while running a big block engine. This moved Kevin Bates to third while Brian Puckett and Brian Weaver completed the top five. 


 Nick Petrilak snatched the lead with five laps to go and went on the win the 20 lap Sportsman feature for the second straight week.  Joel Batzel and Scott Bennett traded slide jobs late in the IMCA Modified main with Batzel taking home the win.  Ryan Stone held off repeated challenges from Jon Carpenter in the Street Stock feature.  Dave Simms came out on top in the Lightning Cat Expert division while Tucker Harpell won in the Lightning Cat Novice.


Glenn Knapp and Jim Gabriel Jr. led the field to the green flag for the 30 lap Modified feature Saturday night at the quarter mile.  Gabriel took the lead at the start over Knapp, Brian Puckett, Jeff Crambo and Brian Malcolm.  Crambo was into second on lap two meanwhile Mike Colsten was up to sixth from his tenth starting spot.  The caution flew on lap four when Ken Titus and Chris Ostrowsky got together.  On the restart Gabriel and Crambo battled side by side but Gabriel kept the lead on the high side of the speedway.  Colsten was marching forward as he moved to fifth on lap five then to fourth on the next lap.  Colsten bypassed Puckett for third on lap eight before the caution flew for John Juhl who rolled to a stop in turn one.  Gabriel picked the inside for the double file restart and it cost him as Crambo moved to the lead on the outside. 


Colsten bypassed Gabriel on lap 10 for the runner-up spot and quickly caught Crambo.  Crambo and Colsten raced side by side on laps 11 through 13 before Colsten took control on lap 13 with a slide job in turns three and four.  At the halfway point Colsten led Crambo, Gabriel, Puckett and Malcolm meanwhile 11th starter Kevin Bates and 20th starter Justin Holland were both moving towards the front.  Bates broke into the top five on lap 19 while point leader Holland ran eighth.  The best race on the track was for third place between Gabriel and Puckett their battle also allowed Bates to close in.  Colsten went on to the easy win over Crambo while apparent third place finisher Gabriel was later disqualified for a weight infraction.  Bates of Lake Ariel, PA nipped Puckett of Old Forge, PA for third while Brian Weaver of Windsor, NY placed fifth.  Sixth to tenth went to Holland, Pat Ward, Malcolm, 17th starter Danny Creeden and Mike Nagel Jr.  Heat races were won by Puckett, Weaver and Gabriel.


Ryan Olsommer shot to the lead in the Sportsman main with a three wide move on lap three.  Olsommer had Mike Austin, Nick Petrilak and Chris Wood close behind with a hand full of laps remaining.  Petrilak suddenly found some bite on the outside and moved into the lead at the flag stand on lap 15.  Under a late caution Olsommer stopped with ignition issues.  Petrilak went on to his second consecutive win beating Austin, Wood, PJ Goodwin and Alex Stanton at the finish.


In the IMCA Modfied event Jason Tuttle led early until Joel Batzel took the lead on lap five.  Batzel led but Scott Bennett was closing and had moved to second on lap eight.  Bennett pulled alongside Batzel on lap 13 but Batzel held the spot then Bennett slid to the point on lap 15 however Batzel crossed back over to retake the lead.  Bennett tried one last time to slide Batzel on the last lap but it wasn’t enough as Batzel took the win over Bennett, Matt Roberts, Mike Wilmot and Shawn Bruce.


Ryan Stone grabbed the lead on lap two of the Street Stock main while point leader Jon Carpenter started to challenge at the halfway mark.  Stone and Carpenter battled tightly over the last ten laps even banging door handles a couple times.  Stone outlasted Carpenter to take the win, Jason Butler placed third at the finish.

Dave Simms and Kenny Underwood battled it out for Lightning Cat Expert feature victory.  Simms came out on top with Underwood second and Jeff Hayes third.  Tucker Harpell outdistanced the field to win the Lightning Cat Novice event. 


MODIFIED FEATURE: 1.MIKE COLSTEN 2.Jeff Crambo 3.Kevin Bates 4.Brian Puckett 5.Brian Weaver 6.Justin Holland 7.Pat Ward 8.Brian Malcolm 9.Danny Creeden 10.Mike Nagel Jr. 11.Nick Rochinski 12.Barry White 13.Glenn Knapp 14.Shaun Walker 15.Brent Wilcox 16.Brett Tonkin 17.Jamie Batzel 18.John Juhl 19.Brent Boyer 20.Ken Titus 21.Chris Ostrowsky.  DQ – Jim Gabriel, Jr.


SPORTSMAN FEATURE: NICK PETRILAK, Mike Austin, Chris Wood, P.J. Goodwin, Alex Stanton, Mike Loney, Justin Andrews, Vinnie DeCicco, Mike Dougherty, Richie Hillis, Shane Wolf Jr., Dusty Barton, Brad Szulewski, Zachary Varricka, Greg Morgan, Tyler Singleton, Paul Rooney, Larry Hillis, Greg McCloskey, Ryan OlsommerDNS Bryan Batzel.


IMCA MODIFIED FEATURE: JOEL BATZEL, Scott Bennett, Matt Roberts, Mike Wilmot, Shawn Bruce, Tanner Harpell, Kevin Cole, Matt Cole, Brian Russell, Rob Slezak, Charlie Gilbert, Gary Roberts, Jason Tuttle, Justin Slezak.  DNS – Tyler Stoddard.


STREET STOCK FEATURE: RYAN STONE, Jon Carpenter, Jason Butler, Kurt Decker, Todd Sutliff, Troy Kress, Chad Sindoni, T.J. Anderson, Mark Andrus, Josh Dumas, Joe Warren, Ryan Codington, Dan Babcock, Herb Penny.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT FEATURE: DAVE SIMMS, Kenny Underwood, Jeff Hayes, Adam Gilbert, Dennis Keesler, Andy Brigham, Jason Colwell, Gary Kinne, Matt Mather, Rick Lunn, Dennis Bainbridge, Emmett Smith, Damian Bausenwein, Duane Kinne.


LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE FEATURE: TUCKER HARPELL, Matt Gibson, Josh Mutz, Dustin Desmond, Nicole Bausenwein, Mackenzie Gibson.