††††††††† Jamie Batzel notches second Modified win of the season at Five Mile Point Speedway

By Ryan Lepre


Jamie Batzel bypassed race long leader Brian Malcolm on lap ten and then held off Justin Holland in the middle stages of the Modified main event on Saturday at Five Mile Point Speedway to claim his second win this year.  Batzel of Kirkwood, NY in his Country Town Auto No.J27 Teo was the winner over Brian Weaver of Windsor, NY; Justin Holland of White Lake, NY; Shaun Walker of Masonville, NY and Brian Malcolm of Lake Ariel, PA.  The CRSA Sprint Car feature was dominated by Jeff VanDusen while Chris Wood won in the Sportsman.  Jon Carpenter was victorious in the Street Stocks and Mike Wilmot won in the IMCA Modifieds in a tight battle with Scott Bennett.  Lightning Cat wins went to Dave Simms(Expert) and Tucker Harpell(Novice) which was both drivers second win in a row.


Batzel and Malcolm led the starting field to the green flag with Malcolm taking the lead on the outside lane.  Sixth starter Weaver was up to third on lap one and challenged for the lead as the top three raced three wide for the lead on lap two just before the caution flew for a tangle between Jim Crawn and John Juhl.  On the restart Malcolm held off Batzel while Weaver and Holland were trading third place.  Batzel continued to stalk Malcolm nosing to his inside lap after lap.  On lap nine Batzel slide by Malcolm in turn three but Malcolm battled back to his inside however Batzel pulled to the lead for good in turn two on lap ten.  Holland moved back by Weaver for third on a lap 11 restart meanwhile Walker was running in the fifth spot.  Holland moved in on Malcolm to challenge for the second postion as they raced side by side on lap 12 just before another yellow flew. 


On the restart Jim Gabriel Jr. got turned around coming to the green flag after which he pulled alongside Danny Creeden to show his displeasure.  Holland blew by Malcolm at the halfway mark and closed to Batzelís back bumper.  With five to go Batzel still led Holland with Weaver now third and Walker up to fourth.  Batzel was pulling away from the battle for second between Holland and Weaver.  Weaver gave Holland a shot in the back bumper going down the front stretch then made a slick move between a lapped car and Holland to snatch the second spot.  Batzel took the checkers by six car lengths over Weaver in his Wally Fiehl powered No.1A, Holland, Walker and Malcolm.  Sixth to tenth was Brett Tonkin, Barry White, Danny Creeden, Nick Rochinski and Jeff Crambo.


Tommy Martocci led at the start of the CRSA 305 Sprint Car event with Josh Pieniazek and Frank Lieto chasing.  Eighth starter Jeff VanDusen found the high side to his liking as he was up to fourth by lap 10 and closing on the top three.  On lap 11 VanDusen passed both Lieto and Pieniazek to move into second.  Martocci was in traffic now and was a sitting duck for the hard charging VanDusen who blasted into the lead with a three wide move on lap 13.  VanDusen went unchallenged to the finish while Pieniazek moved up to second late with Martocci, Brittany Tresch and Dustin Purdy completing the top five.


Larry Hillis and Richie Hillis swapped the lead on several early restarts in the Sportsman main finally Larry pulled away to take command of the event.  L.Hillis and PJ Goodwin battled side by side about six laps but Hillis maintained the lead meanwhile Chris Wood was charging on the high side and tracking down the top two.  Wood got alongside Goodwin on lap 16 and when the top three entered turn one on lap 17 Goodwin drove into the back of Hillis and spun him out.  Goodwin was penalized to the tail for the contact handing the lead to Wood which he took advantage as pulled away in the last two laps for the win.  Wood was followed by Nick Petrilak, Ryan Olsommer, Chance Spoonhower and Mike Dougherty.

Mike Wilmot and Scott Bennett put on a show in the IMCA Modified main.  Wilmot moved to the lead on lap three while Bennett was the second place runner by lap five.  Bennett hounded Wilmot until lap 14 when Bennett slid Wilmot to take the lead after Wilmot bobbled in turn three however Wilmot charged back to the top spot on lap 15.  A caution on lap 19 set up a one lap dash that saw Wilmot narrowly hold off Bennett for the win trailing them were Gary Smith, Charlie Gilbert and Matt Roberts.


Jon Carpenter dominated the Street Stock main as he led by half a lap at one point over a tight battle for second through fifth.  Carpenter was the victor over Pat Nolan, Matt Bowman, Ryan Codington and Todd Sutliff.  Dave Simms made it two wins in a row in the Lightning Cat Expert as he won over Duane Kinne and Dennis Keesler.  Tucker Harpell won in the Lightning Cat Novice for the second week in a row.


MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:JAMIE BATZEL, Brian Weaver, Justin Holland, Shaun Walker, Brian Malcolm, Brett Tonkin, Barry White, Dan Creeden, Nick Rochinski, Jeff Crambo, Bent Wilcox, Alex Tonkin, Chris Ostrowsky, Jim Gabriel Jr., Ken Hildebrandt, Kevin Bates, Brent Boyer, Glenn Knapp, John Juhl, Jim Crawn.DNS Brian Puckett, Mike Doty, Ted Miexsall.


SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:CHRIS WOOD, Nick Petrilak, Ryan Olsommer, Chance Spoonhower, Mike Dougherty, Justin Andrews, Shane Wolf Jr., Larry Hillis, P.J. Goodwin, Kimberlee Morgan, Tyler Singleton, Mike Loney, Richie Hillis, Mike Austin, Bryan Batzel, Ron Snow, Alex Stanton.


IMCA MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:MIKE WILMOT, Scott Bennett, Gary Smith, Charlie Gilbert, Matt Roberts, Joel Batzel, Matt Cole, Gary Roberts, Tanner Harpell, Rob Slezak, Kevin Cole, Brian Russell, Jason Tuttle.


STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:JON CARPENTER, Pat Nolan, Matt Bowman, Ryan Codington, Todd Sutliff, Tom Eiklor, T.J. Anderson, Eric Boynton, Josh Dumas, Herb Penny, Troy Kress.DNS Tyler Yeagle.


CRSA OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:JEFF VANDUSEN, Josh Pieniazek, Tommy Martocci, Brittany Tresch, Dustin Purdy, Frank Lieto, Scott Goodrich, Warren Alexson, Mike Kiser, Jeff VanSteenburg, Gary Palmer, Tyler Chartrand, Dalton Herrick John Matrafailo, Matt Shuart, Matt Priscott, Curtis June, Bruno Leombruno, Bob Shuart, John Leombruno, Emiley Vaninwegan.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:DAVE SIMMS, Duane Kinne, Dennis Keesler, Travis Hayes, Anthony Seward, Adam Gilbert, Dave Bainbridge, ††††††† Rick Lunn, Matt Mather, John Siedlecky, Andy Brigham, Damien Bausenwein, Phil Clapper, Jeff Hayes, Kenny Underwood, Jason Colwell, Gary Kinne.


LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:TUCKER HARPELL, Matt Hayes, Josh Mutz, Matt Gibson, Nicole Bausenwein, Mackenzie Gibson, Deb Stalker, Brian Roth, Dustin Desmond.


KIDDIE CATS OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:ANGELA HAYES, Paxton Culbertson, Jason Colwell, Billy Colwell.