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Brian Weaver Awarded Victory In 48th Heath Memorial After Post Race Technical Inspection. 


KIRKWOOD, NY…Five Mile Point Speedway held the 48th running of the Heath Memorial this past Saturday night.  The annual Modified event honors the memory of track founders Anna and Irving Heath and all of the family members that helped make the 62nd year facility “The Home Speedway of the Southern Tier”.

The 48 lap Modified event paid $2,500 to win and Nick Rochinski put on a dominating performance in the special event.  Rochinski and Brian Puckett started on the front row for the drop of the green.  Rochinski raced out front at the start and would never seriously be challenged for what appeared to be his first ever Modified victory.  After post-race inspection the Rochinski car was found to have a motor too big in cubic inch to qualify for a weight advantage.  The victory was then awarded to runner-up Brian Weaver.  Earlier this season Weaver was awarded a feature win after apparent winner Brian Puckett was disqualified for the same infraction as Rochinski.  For Rochinski his performance showed that he certainly could be a big factor in the second half of the season despite not being credited for the victory.


The 48 lap Heath Memorial was slowed by only three cautions including a lap one spin by Barry White that saw current point leader Justin Holland head to the pits with substantial damage.  When racing continued Rochinski pulled out front but the fans were treated to a three and four wide battle for second place between Puckett, Brett Tonkin, Kevin Bates and Brian Malcolm.  The four switched lines lap after lap allowing Rochinski to check out front.  Meanwhile Weaver was stuck in heavy traffic and not really advancing during the first half of the race after starting in tenth. A caution on lap 21 would re bunch the field with Rochinski, Bates, Shaun Walker, Puckett and Mike Nagel, Jr. in the top five.  At this point Weaver had advanced only one spot.


The second half of the race would tell a different story for Weaver as each lap he began to make his way forward using the extreme outer limits of the quarter mile oval.  Dan Creeden used the opposite tactic as he used the extreme bottom of the speedway to make his way up to fourth on lap 30.  The final caution of the race flew on lap 38 for a slowing Mike Nagel, Jr.  On the restart Rochinski again used the outside to pull away with Bates, Tonkin, Creeden and now Weaver in the top five.  On lap 41 Weaver worked past Creeden for the third slot and set his sites on Bates.  Bates and Weaver had a tremendous battle for ultimately would be the feature win.  The two exchanged “slide jobs” as the fans were on their feet the final five circuits.  Weaver ducked under Bates on the final lap in turn three to secure the position with Bates, Creeden, Tonkin and Walker being credited top five finishes.  For Weaver it was his first victory in the Heath Memorial event.

Jon Carpenter padded his point lead with the victory in the 20 lap Street Stock feature event.  Second and third place finishers Matt Bowman and Todd Sutliff were disqualified for illegal carburetors following post race inspection.  This gave Matt Spencer a second place finish, his best ever at the speedway.


Alex Stanton recorded his first ever FMP victory in the 20 lap Sportsman feature event.  Stanton took the lead on lap 8 from Richie Hillis and was never seriously challenged from that point forward.  P.J. Goodwin, Nick Petrilak, Ryan Olsommer and Mike Austin rounded out the top five.


In IMCA Modified action Gary Roberts recorded the victory in the 20 lap event.  Roberts, one of the 60 Greatest Drivers of All Time at Five Mile Point Speedway, took the lead on lap 2 from Tanner Harpell and never looked back. KC Cole, Mike Wilmot, Scott Bennett and Matt Roberts rounded out the top five.  The event was slowed by only one caution.


Other feature winners on the busy night of racing were:  Jason Colwell (Lightning Cat Experts), Tucker Harpell (Lightning Cat Novice), Cody Coons (600 c.c. Modifieds), Richard Tobias (SpeedSTRs).


Counter points…Brian Weaver will be introduced to the fans this Saturday night as the 48th Heath Memorial winner as his victory was not celebrated this past Saturday…Nick Petrilak debuted his brand new Sportsman on Saturday and rallied late for his third place finish…Richard Tobias recorded his second career FMP win in the SpeedSTR division…While leading his heat race Tobias pulled out of the event with transmission issues…He started last on the grid in the feature in a backup and charged to the front taking the lead on the final lap…Tucker Harpell (Lightning Cat Novice) was a happy winner on the night that honored his late Great Grandparents…Drivers from all over the United States returned for the annual Former Racer’s Reunion…A great fireworks show was held prior to the Modified feature event…


48TH HEATH MEMORIAL MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (48):  BRIAN WEAVER,  Kevin Bates, Dan Creeden, Brett Tonkin, Shaun Walker, Jeff Crambo, Mike Colsten, Barry White, Jamie Batzel, Brian Malcolm, Chris Ostrowsky, Rob Rowe, Jim Gabriel Jr., Carl Nagel, Mike Nagel, John Juhl Jr., Justin Holland, Kevin Hartnett, Brian Puckett, Glenn Knapp.  DQ – Nick Rochinski (weight did not match cubic inch category in post-race inspection).


SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  ALEX STANTON, P.J. Goodwin, Nick Petrilak, Ryan Olsommer, Mike Austin, Chris Wood, Mike Loney, Mike Dougherty, Shane Wolf, Larry Hillis, Dusty Barton, Tyler Dipple, Jack Amundsen, Tanner Reynolds, A.J. Lord, Tyler Singleton, Don Stark, Kimberlee Morgan, Richie Hillis, Bryan Batzel, Justin Andrews, Rob snow.  DNS Karl Shimer.


IMCA MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  GARY ROBERTS, Kevin Cole, Mike Wilmot, Scott Bennett, Matt Roberts, Charlie Gilbert, Tanner Harpell, Shawn Bruce, Brian Russell, Rob Slezak Jr., Matt Cole.


STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  JON CARPENTER, Matt Spencer, Wayne Stedge, Troy Kress, Pat Nolan, Dave Mutz, Chad Sindoni, T.J. Anderson, Ryan Codington, Tyler Yeagle, Joe Warren.  DQ – Matt Bowman,  Todd Sutliff.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  JASON COLWELL, Gary Kinne, Rick Sinsbaugh, Jeff Hayes, Adam Gilbert, Anthony Seward, Dennis Keesler, Damian Bausenwein, Matt Mather, Rick Lunn, Duane Kinne.  DNS – Dave Simms


LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12):  TUCKER HARPELL, Josh Mutz, Matt Gibson, Nichole Bausenwein, Mackenzie Gibson.  DQ Dustin Desmond


600 c.c. MODIFIEDS OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  CODY COONS, Nick Mady Butch Getz, Ryan Higgs, Will Eastman, Eric Whitby, Brad French, Mike Keppler, Jeremy Cuistwile, Cody Clark, Buzz Barton, Tim Frantz, Dailee Dimorier, Shaun Burd, Ronnie Molnar, Joe Fanelli, Nick Conquintas, Marty Bunker, Richie Hitzler, Abbey Price, Sean Weiss, Chris Stockham, Steve Sherwood. 


TOBIAS SPEEDSTR’S OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  RICHARD TOBIAS, Maxime Plante, Al Arrisher, Brandon Rahmer, Paul Lotier Jr., Freddie Rahmer, Gary Huber, Mike Mcgee, Brittany Wixon, Josianne Plante, Mitch Green, Matt Dealaman, Tory Donaldson, Dane Tobias.  DNS – Mike Mitchell.


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