Kirkwood, NY… It appeared that teenage driving sensation Tyler Dippel was going to add another feature win to his impressive list of accomplishments for the 2013 racing season on Friday night at the Five Mile Point Speedway during the running of the Trux Outfitters 100 lap RoC Sportsman feature.

          However a softening right rear tire on lap 83 slowed the torrid pace that Dippel was setting. This allowed second generation racer Brian White of Candor, NY the opportunity he needed. White closed in quickly on Dippel and the two drivers raced side by side battling for the lead between laps 86 and 89. Exiting turn two coming around to complete lap 90 White got enough bite on the inside of the racing surface to take the lead for good.

          One lap later the right rear tire on the Dippel machine gave out to bring the yellow out. White then held off the relentless challenges of the rim riding Butch Green over the final nine laps to capture the $3,145 win aboard the Hunt’s Auto Service owned and sponsored car.

          Green who raced exclusively in the top groove of the speedway all race long ended second with Kevin Ward in third, newly crowned Five Mile Point track champion Nick Petrilak was fourth and 19th place starter Anthony Perrego finished fifth.

          With a tenth place finish Claude Hutchings, Jr. won his first career Race of Championship Sportsman title by nine points over Eddie White.

          “By far this was my biggest win,” said the happy winner in the pit area after the racing program was completed. “He ( Dippel ) was running the bottom pretty hard there the whole race. I’ll take a feature win any way you can get it.”

          Butch Green and Brandon Walters brought the 28 car starting field to green with Green grabbing the lead over Walters, Nick Petrilak, Ryan Jordan, and Brian White.

          Track champion Petrilak showed some early speed by advancing to second on lap two and then taking the lead from Green on lap five.

          Petrilak opted to run a set of rear tires harder than he normally uses at the track. This strategy hurt him as an early rash of yellow flag fever caused the heat to go out of his tires and after leading lap 11. Petrilak slid back through the field to run as low as ninth before a long stretch of green flag racing saw him come on strong at the end of the race.

          Up front Butch Green glued himself to the top groove of the multi grooved speedway to keep himself in the lead. All eyes were focusing on teenager Tyler Dippel who was advancing quickly to the front of the field as he entered fifth on lap 11.

          A majority of the racers were moving to the top portions of the four and sometimes five wide racing surface as the race entered the one quarter stage. With the bottom groove open for racing Dippel used this to his advantage to quickly move into contention for the lead as he moved into second on lap 22 and took the lead at the line on lap 24, but only for an instant as Green raced his way back into the lead on the next circuit.

          As Green and Dippel raced side by side for the lead behind them a wild scramble was taking place for positions three through eighth. Eddie White, Ryan Jordan, Brian White, Kevin Ward, Anthony Perrego, and Kenny Hammond were all exchanging positions and racing grooves each lap in a crowd pleasing battle.

          Up front Dippel was getting dialed into the bottom groove to get the lead, but each time he would get comfortable the yellow would come out. Each time this would happen a double file restart would take place and Green would get an excellent start to regain the lead for a lap or two. After one or two laps Dippel would regain the lead but Green wasn’t going away quietly as he would be right on the outside rear bumper of Dippel just in case he made a mistake Green could grab the lead back.

          At the half way point Dippel led Green, Brian White, Eddie White, and Ward. The longer the race stayed under green flag racing conditions Dippel’s lead would increase to a full straightaway.

          Everything appeared to go Dippel’s way until during a yellow flag period on lap 80 reports from track officials stated that the right rear tire on the Dippel car was soft.

          That was all second place runner Brian White needed. White who raced up front early and then dropped back to conserve his tires started making his move back towards the front on lap 40. He raced conservatively in third and when Green jumped the turn two cushion on lap 80 Brian took second.

          During that lap 80 caution period White could see the deflating right rear tire on the Dippel machine. Acting like a hunter when he sees that big deer in the woods White pulled the trigger to apply heavy pressure on Dippel for the lead when the race resumed on lap 81.

          Dippel now racing on a flat right rear tire still held the lead as he manhandled the car through the turns to keep the lead. White kept inching himself closer and closer to Dippel and finally got underneath him in turn one on lap 86 and the two drivers raced side by side for the next three laps.

          The push condition that the Dippel car was experiencing became too much and White finally got enough of a bite exiting turn two to grab the lead that he would never give back with ten laps to go.

          Dippel stopped to bring out the yellow one lap later to set up a nine lap shootout. White was up to the challenges of second place runner Green who applied heavy pressure on White for the lead. White kept his cool under the pressure of Green to capture his fifth feature win at Five Mile Point this year by a car length. Green, Ward, Petrilak, and Perrego chased the winner across the line.

          Brian spoke about his game plan as far as tire management went for the race. “I started fourth and raced up front for a little bit and then dropped back to seventh as I tried to save my tires and by doing that at the end of the race I had a lot of meat left on the tires to race hard.” White did do late tire compound change just before the feature went on to the track after Five Mile Point Modified track champion Mike Colsten suggested what tire compound to go.

          “It was a lot of fun racing in that race,” said Brian “All of those guys I was racing against up front, you can race right beside them and don’t have to worry about them trying to crash you, they are all fun to race against.”

          “ It is a nice way to end the year with a victory in our last race and go into the winter with basically a pretty straight race car “ said Brian. “Last year at this race we went home with over three grand in damages and worked all winter to put the car back together. To go home this year with over three grand in our pocket, that’s nice.”

          “I have to thank Brian and Nancy Hunt of Hunt’s Auto Service for giving me the opportunity to race the car for them. They own the car, they sponsor the car, and they are awesome people and the best of all they are great people.”

          Qualifying for the 39 car field saw heat wins go to Eddie White, Dippel, Ward, and Brian White while twin consolations were captured by Ryan Olsommer and David Werber.

GARY’S U – PULL – IT NATIONAL QUARTER MILE DIRT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP FRIDAY NIGHT NOTES; Additional bonus money was added in the feature from sponsors Hunt’s Auto Service and Doug’s Speed Shop that went to the top four runners on laps 25, 50, and 75. From that bonus money Dippel claimed an extra $250, Green $ 200, Brian White $50, Eddie White $50, Ward $25, and Jordan $25. Twenty – four drivers took the $20 Gambler’s Bonus with the $480 total being split between race winner White and PJ Goodwin. The Five Mile Point Speedway Facebook fan balloting for a guaranteed starting spot in the feature with 1,000 votes cast saw Doug Synder win the Fan Balloting. Jim Housworth got into the homestretch wall during the heat race and the damage was severe enough that he couldn’t run his car in the feature, he then drove the Chris Stevens car in the feature. The very competitive feature event featured an official count of 13 lead changes taking place. Race winner White also received a guaranteed starting spot in this Saturdays’ 100 lap Modified feature at Five Mile Point.

FINISH ( STARTING SPOT ); 1. Brian White ( 4 ), 2. Butch Green ( 1 ), 3. Kevin Ward ( 11 ), 4. Nick Petrilak ( 3 ), 5. Anthony Perrego ( 19 ), 6. Eddie White ( 6 ), 7. Ryan Jordan ( 7 ), 8. Kenny Hammond ( 13 ), 9. Tyler Dippel ( 9 ), 10. Claude Hutchings, Jr. ( 12 ), 11. David Werber ( 22 ), 12. Randy Shantel ( 15 ), 13. Kenny Titus ( 14 ), 14. Randy Green ( 27 ), 15. Brandon Walters ( 2 ), 16. Jim Housworth ( 25 ), 17. Tyler Singleton ( 28 ), 18. Brian Krummel ( 23 ), 19. Ryan Olsommer ( 21 ), 20. Tom Collins, Jr. ( 20 ), 21. Bob Hamm, Jr. ( 7 ), 22. Charlie Hendrickson, Jr. ( 26 ), 23. Greg McClosky ( 24 ), 24. Brad Szulewski ( 16 ), 25. Alan Barker ( 17 ), 26. PJ Goodwin ( 8 ), 27. Doug Synder ( 18 ), 28. Mike Butler ( 10 ).

PROVISIONALS; Housworth ( RoC ), Hendrickson ( RoC ), Green ( 5MP ), Singleton ( 5MP ).

LAP LEADERS; B. Green ( 1 – 4 ), Petrilak ( 5 – 9 ), B. Green ( 10 ), Petrilak ( 11 – 12 ), B. Green ( 13 – 23 ), Dippel ( 24 ), B. Green ( 25 – 28 ), Dippel ( 29 – 35 ), B. Green ( 36 ), Dippel ( 37 – 40 ), B. Green ( 41 ), Dippel ( 42 – 89 ), B. White ( 90 – 100 ).

DNQ’S; Chris Stevens, Bob Buono, Ray Woodall, Randy Brokaw, Jerry Tonti, Tyler Ward, Mike Austin, Steve Williams, Jacob Fowlston, Tom Eiklor, Ryan Stone.


Hutchings – 325

E. White – 314

Green – 292

Petrilak – 271

Housworth 266

Barker – 259

B. White – 245

Hammond – 242

Olsommer – 215

Hendrickson - 212



          Kirkwood, NY… Exciting support division racing on Friday night at Five Mile Point Speedway saw all four feature winners claim their first ever feature win at the 63 year old racing facility.

          In the CRSA Sprint Cars Billy Pauch, Jr. won the 25 lap feature while asphalt racer Kevin Skelley won the 20 lap Factory Stock feature and the 15 Four Cylinder feature saw a Rear Wheel Drive and Front Wheel Drive winner with Wendell Washington win the overall race and the Rear Wheel title and Tim Vandermark win the Front Wheel title.

          Joe Kata and Scottie Goodrich brought the 19 car CRSA filed to green. After an opening lap yellow on the restart Kata would led over Goodrich, Dustin Purdy, Billy Pauch, Jr. and Jordan Thomas.

          Thomas the son of legendary Jeff “ Spider “ Thomas electrified the crowd with an outside pass to go from fifth to third on lap two. Thomas wasn’t done as he quickly moved into second past Goodrich on lap five. Thomas motored around Kata on the extreme outside portions of the speedway in turn four to grab the lead on lap nine.

          Pauch meanwhile was moving toward the front as he got past Purdy for fourth on lap six, past Goodrich for third on lap seven and Kata for second on lap ten.

          Following a lap ten yellow Pauch set sail after Thomas for the lead and a crowd pleasing two car battle for the lead in heavy lap traffic took place. Exiting turn four on lap 17 Thomas made the fatal mistake and jump the cushion and that is all Pauch needed to grab the lead. The troubles of Thomas continued as he slammed the backstretch wall to bring out the yellow with six laps to go.

          With Pauch, Jr. comfortably in the lead the final six laps saw another second generation driver emerge as Freddie Rahmer, Jr. made the crowd take notice as he showed a glimpse of what race fans could see in the future from him.

          Rahmer who started 11th took several laps to get his car dialed into the Five Mile Point Speedway surface. Once he got into his rhythm, Rahmer showed the brilliance of working his way to the front just like his famous dad has done for many racing seasons.

          Rahmer moved into fifth with five to go and then he along with Goodrich and Mike Kiser put on a death defying slide job clinic over the final five laps of the race.

          At the checkers Pauch, Jr. comfortably in for his first career Five Mile Point Speedway win over Kata, Rahmer, Goodrich, and Kiser.

          Qualifying for the 20 car field saw heat wins go to Darryl Ruggles, Jeff Van Steenburg, and Pauch, Jr.

          The ageless George Deckleman and former Fulton Speedway standout Bill Flask brought the 11 car Factory Stock field to green. Flask got the jump to take the lead over Deckleman, Kevin Skelley, Bubba Peters, and Buck Mills, Sr.

          Skelley who competes with this car on the asphalt weekly at Bethel Motor Speedway looked comfortable on the dirt as he moved into second on lap two. Skelley applied pressure on Flask for the lead while Peters kept the pressure on Skelley for second.

          The top three stayed in the same running order until lap 14 when Skelley took advantage of Flask jumping the cushion in turn one to get the lead. The great run of Flask ended as he was spun out by another competitor with four laps remaining.

          Skelley completed the final four laps unchallenged to claim his first career Five Mile Point feature win over Peters, Mills, Nathan Hill, and Connor Van Valkenburg.

          Qualifying heat races for the 11 cars in attendance were won by Mills, and Deckleman.

          Adam Gilbert and Walt Henry brought the 23 car Four Cylinder feature field to green with Henry getting the lead over Josh Bailey, Wendell Washington, Gilbert, and Tim Vandermark.

          Washington who lives ten minutes from the track but doesn’t race there due to having a rear wheel drive car as the track races front wheel drive as a weekly division. Washington quickly showed he was the car to beat as he moved into second on lap two and into the lead one lap later.

          Vandermark aboard the Beezer Wilkie owned front wheel drive car was the quickest car in his class as he moved from fifth to second by the halfway point.

          Despite a yellow with two laps to go Vandermark had nothing for Washington for the overall feature win with Mitch Hurlburt in third, Henry in fourth and Nick Kennedy in fifth.

          Qualifying heat races for the 25 cars saw wins go to Gilbert, Hurlburt, and Matt Hinds.

CRSA 305 SPRINT CAR FINISH; Billy Pauch, Jr., Joe Kata, Freddie Rahmer, Jr., Scott Goodrich, Mike Kiser, Dustin Purdy, Robert Gray, Jeff Van Steenburg, Mark Taylor, Parker Evans, Mike Esposito, Brock Bulger, Josh Pieniezak, Jordan Thomas, John Matrafalio, Darryl Ruggles, Eddie Newbauer, Matt Tanner, Emily Van Inwegan. DNS; Chuck Alesi.

FACTORY STOCK FINISH; Kevin Skelley, Bubba Peters, Buck Mills, Sr., Nathan Hill, Connor Van Valkenburg, Fred Velez, Chuck Culbertson, Bill Flask, George Deckleman, Lanson Albanese, Buck Mills, Jr.

FOUR CYLINDER FEATURE FINISH; Wendell Washington, Tim Vandermark, Mitch Hurlburt, Walt Henry, Nick Kennedy, Josh Bailey, Matt Hines, Tucker Harpell, Josh Hall, Devon Bailey, Robyn Edwards, Damien Bausenwein, Nathan Cassellbury, Justin Hall, Bob Crandle, John Maynard, Chris Michelski, Duane Kinne, Tyler Belcher, Richard Wagner, Keith Shay, Rick Lynn, Adam Gilbert. DNS; Jason Victory, Guy Raymond, Jr.