SYRACUSE, NY…The highly successful American Racer Cup for northeast Modifieds will expand for 2013 to cover a number of facilities that host Sportsman events as well.  The Sportsman teams will compete in an identical point distribution model as the Modified teams currently do with $30,000 in cash and product up for grabs in the program.


Lias Tire, American Racer and the Race of Champions groups have once again teamed up to bring this program to life.  Fred Woodward from Lias Tire commented on the addition of the Sportsman teams to the program, “We wanted to show our commitment to the Sportsman teams that are also a big part of our northeast program.”  Race of Champions owner Andrew Harpell remarked, “We are excited to be part of the existing program and to include the Sportsman teams is simply outstanding.”  “Many of these Sportsman teams will be the future of the Modified division and someday competing for that overall American Racer Cup Title as well.”


The American Racer Cup for Sportsman will model itself after the current program for the Modifieds.  Teams will be ranked at their home weekly track against other northeast drivers running at their weekly venue.  A driver’s top 12 best finishes will count toward the overall title and the overall rankings will also be based on a track’s average weekly starting field.  This will help to help determine who is the best northeast Sportsman driver for 2013.


Each participating speedway will hold 15 random drawings among their participating drivers throughout the season.  Each name drawn will earn an American Racer product certificate worth $85 toward the purchase of a tire at their weekly speedway.  In addition the overall Sportsman American Racer Cup Champion will earn a $1,000 for the title.   Should that driver also win the Race of Champions Dirt Sportsman Tour Championship they will earn a $1,000 bonus.  The top five in the overall American Racer Cup Championship will all earn cash awards as follows:  $1,000 for first, $500 for second, $400 for third, $300 for fourth and $250 for fifth.  Teams are simply required to purchase a $30 membership to be eligible for the program and only need to compete at their weekly track to be ranked.  The commitment of $30,000 by Lias Tire and American Racer is up for grabs for teams without ever having to leave their weekly track.  So for the teams, their only expense is a one-time membership.


For more information please log on to or phone the Race of Champions (program managing partner) at 607-775-5555.  You may also reach Lias Tire directly at 800-638-7028. 



On the heels of the successful American Racer East Coast Modified Cup over the past three seasons, Lias Tire, American Racer and the Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour are pleased to announce the expansion of the American Racer Cup into the Modified Sportsman tracks using American Racer tires for 2013!  We look forward to providing a program for the Sportsman teams at your track that will rank them against other Modified Sportsman teams throughout the Northeast, and just like the American Racer Modified Cup, teams will benefit from the program simply by registering for the program and doing what they do every weekend during the summer, race at their local track!



At this point, we are putting together a minimum of $30,000 in cash and product awards up for grabs by American Racer, Lias Tire and the RoC for the 2013 American Racer Sportsman Cup.  We are currently in talks with additional marketing partners, and we anticipate additional partners for the upcoming season.  Any announcements of additional partners will be announced on the Cup’s website and facebook pages as they happen. 


Thus far, the following minimum point fund has been established:



Each participating team will be eligible for American Racer Tire rewards given away on a weekly basis from Memorial Day through Labor Day at each track!  Each week following the Sportsman feature, the winning driver will draw a name from the American Racer Cup in victory lane.  The winner of the drawing will be awarded a certificate good for $85 towards the regular price of an American Racer Modified tire, redeemable only through your home track tire dealer.  Only registered members of the American Racer Sportsman Cup will be eligible for the random tire giveaways.  There will be a total of 15 giveaways held at EACH TRACK!!!


The American Racer Sportsman Cup champion at each track will receive 4 American Racers!



As stated above, we are working to sign on additional partners to supply additional monies and product sponsorship toward the overall point fund.  As of now, the plan is to pay cash to the Top Five Overall Finishers this season as follows:

1st - $1,000          2nd - $500          3rd - $400           4th - $300         5th - $250




Like the American Racer ECM Cup, there will also be a Race of Champions Sportsman Champions Bonus if one driver manages to win both the RoC Sportsman and the Overall American Racer Sportsman Cup championships this season!  If a driver is able to accomplish this feat, their team will be rewarded with an additional $1,000!  The American Racer Sportsman Cup Overall champion will be chosen from all of the registered teams at the participating tracks at the conclusion of the American Racer Cup season on Labor Day weekend.




The American Racer Sportsman Modified Cup will rank drivers throughout the northeast, on paper, which runs at tracks where the American Racer Tire is the exclusive tire for the Sportsman or Crate Sportsman divisions.  This program is based upon Home Track Points that will be earned using the system below from Mid-April through Labor Day weekend.  Of the finishes in that time period a driver will be ranked based upon his/her twelve (12) best finishes.  In order to qualify for the American Racer Sportsman Cup a team simply needs to register at their local track or through the website at There is a downloadable form available there that can be printed and sent via mail.  The registration deadline for the American Racer Cup is May 13, 2013.  All forms must be turned into your dealer or postmarked by that date.  No entries will be accepted after the enrollment period. 


The American Racer Sportsman Cup Season will run from April 12 through September 2, 2013.  No finishes in races that occur outside this time period are eligible to be counted toward a teams Racer Cup points.


American Racer Sportsman Cup Weekly Points

Points for the American Racer Sportsman Cup are distributed this way, based upon your weekly feature finish at your registered American Racer Sportsman Cup Track(s)


1st – 60 points             15th – 26

2nd – 55                       16th – 24

3rd – 50               17th – 23

4th – 48               18th – 22

5th – 46               19th – 21

6th – 44               20th – 20

7th – 42               21st – 18

8th – 40               22nd – 16

9th – 38               23rd – 14

10th – 36            24th – 12

11th – 34            25th – 11

12th – 32            26th and back – 10 points

13th – 30

14th – 28



In addition to earing points weekly at your home track, at the conclusion of the American Racer Cup season, each registered team will receive a one-time point bonus, based upon the track’s average starting field for the season.  The bonus point breakdown is as follows:



26+ cars – 100 points

24-25 cars – 90

22-23 cars – 80

20-21 cars – 70

15-19 cars – 60

Less than 15 – 40



Non-weekly Shows That Qualify for Points


Beyond your regular weekly scheduled shows, there are two additional ways to earn points towards the American Racer Cup: Mid-week Shows & Twin Features.


Mid-Week Shows

In addition to your regular weekly shows from April 12th through Labor Day, your track may also count up to two (2) mid-week shows during the season to count towards the points.  These shows will be decided upon before the start of the American Racer Cup season.


Twin Features

Many American Racer Cup tracks run “Twin 20s” or some form of double features on some nights throughout their racing seasons.  Of these shows, like the Mid-Week Shows, a track may use a maximum of two of these events towards the American Racer Cup Points.


Registering at Multiple Tracks

When you register at a given track for the American Racer Cup, you are registering only at that track.  You are permitted to register at multiple tracks, however, each entry is completely separate from one another, and points cannot be combined from multiple tracks.  In order to be eligible for awards at multiple tracks, you must be registered at each one of the tracks where you are competing.