Bounty Placed on Jon Carpenter.

(Carpenter 4 for 4 in Early Season Street Stock Feature Events and Will Try To Collect This Saturday)



            On Saturday,  May 18th a bounty was placed on Street Stock driver Jon Carpenter at Five Mile Point Speedway.  If someone can beat Carpenter in the Street Stock feature they will earn the $150 bonus.  If Carpenter can win the next two feature events, which would bring his streak to five consecutive, he would earn the $300 bonus.  This is one of two Street Stock bounties since the 2010 season when Cody Decker had one placed on him. In 2011 Ryan Stone took advantage of a bounty placed on Jason Butler.

In order for someone to claim the posted bounty posted on Carpenter, he must finish the race on the lead lap.  Both must also be beaten cleanly on the race track which means it cannot be determined by rough riding.   A mechanical problem should not be a determining outcome in the bounty for either driver as they would have to finish on the lead lap.

Five Mile Point Speedway owner Andrew Harpell commented on the upcoming posted bounties.  “The early season accomplishments of Jon Carpenter deserve recognition,”  “This is our way of bringing attention to their recent win streaks while providing the teams some extra money in their divisions.”  He added, “If Jon could win the next two races he certainly would be deserving of the bonus.” 

For additional information on the upcoming events at Five Mile Point Speedway please log on to or phone the speedway offices at 607-775-5555.  You can also email us directly at or find us on Facebook.

Racing begins at 6 p.m. this Saturday night!  This is the first handicapped event of the season for the Street Stocks so come out and see if Carpenter can get it done from the back of the pack!