Factory Stocks Added To Four Weekly Events.

($100 bonus on each night to best overall finisher for the Figure 8 and Factory Stock Features.)




KIRKWOOD, NY… The Factory Stocks will have four additional opportunities to “Get to the Point” in 2013.  The division has been added to the following Saturday night dates:  June 1st, July 6th, August 3rd and August 24th.


On each of those nights the Figure 8 teams will also be in action.  The Factory Stock teams will compete in heat races and their feature event prior to the Figure 8 feature.  The Factory Stock winner will earn $110 and there will be a full payout.  The Figure 8 winner will earn $150 along with a full payout for every position.  All Factory Stocks will be legal to compete in the Figure 8 feature held later in the evening.  The driver that finishes the best overall in both features will also earn a $100 bonus.  That means one driver could walk away with over $350 cash!


Teams are not required to run in both events but the best overall finisher that does will be guaranteed the $100 bonus.  Full payouts will take place in both features meaning a driver can earn 2 starting cash envelopes at the end of the night.


For additional information on the upcoming events at Five Mile Point Speedway please log on to or phone the speedway offices at 607-775-5555.  You can also email us directly at or find us on Facebook.