Sportsman Rule Amendments for

Remainder of 2011 Racing Changes.



            For Immediate Release

          Re:  Sportsman Competition Notice



Five Mile Point Speedway Makes Sportsman Rule Amendments To Accommodate Weekly Teams.


KIRKWOOD, NY…After discussions with the Sportsman teams at Five Mile Point Speedway the weight and wheels section of the speedway rulebook has been amended for the remainder of the 2011 racing season at the quarter mile.  Racing continues this Saturday at 6 p.m. and the rules will go in to effect immediately.


The Sportsman division will now follow the RoC (Race of Champions) weight rules that have been run in the past at the speedway.  Teams will now be permitted to use aluminum racing wheels in weekly competition.  The weights will be as follows:  teams using steel wheels must weigh a minimum of 2,450 lbs.  Teams using aluminum wheels must weigh a minimum of 2,500 lbs. Any one running with a crate motor has the following two options:  steel wheels must be a minimum of 2,300 lbs. aluminum wheels must weigh a minimum of 2,350 lbs.


“After discussions with our teams we decided to make the change with our wheels and weights,” commented speedway owner Andrew Harpell.  He added, “We are one of the only tracks that do not allow the aluminum wheels and we wanted to make it easier for our teams to compete at other facilities without major changes.” 


The original Sportsman rules at tracks in the northeast only permitted steel wheels as they were cheaper in price and originally stronger than the aluminum wheels.  Pricing is now very comparable for both style of wheels and many teams are now able to buy used aluminum wheels from Modified teams. 


For additional information please contact the Five Mile Point Speedway offices at 607-775-5555 or log on to  You can also email the speedway directly at or find us on Facebook.