BY JR KENENRUP with follow up by fmp media…

            Kirkwood, NY… He has won big races in the past and will likely win big races in the future. But on Saturday night at the Five Mile Point Speedway for the American Racer Cup Weekend second generation racer Jackie Brown, Jr. showed that he can dominate an extra distance feature with some of the best racecar drivers in the business that he is racing against.

            Brown who started fourth passed Anthony Perrego exiting turn four to complete lap 11. Brown then survived some wild moments in heavy lap traffic during the middle portion of the 55 lap feature to pull away in the end to capture the $5,500 payday and his first career Five Mile Point feature win.

            Perrego was bidding to sweep the program for Modifieds on the day ended up a disappointed second with Billy Pauch finishing third, Alan Johnson recovered from an opening lap flat tire to finish fourth and Jeff Strunk in the Norm Hansell car was fifth.

            “This is a definitely a good win for us,” said the smiling winner. “I had a win locked up here at the beginning of the year and I got cautious at the end and Anthony drove around me at the end and I wasn’t going to have that happen today. So I was running the crap out of this car today and it hung on, it feels real good to win here.”

            Jeff Crambo and Anthony Perrego brought the 25 car field to green to start the 55 lap feature. Perrego who just before this race won the American Racer Cup Champions Dash by a half a track immediately jumped out to a big lead. Crambo, Billy Pauch, Jackie Brown, Jr., and Randy Chrysler had a great early race battle occurring.

            Pauch who earlier in the racing program won his first career Five Mile Point feature by passing his son in the final turn of the final lap of the Tobias USAC Speed STR feature moved into second on lap four.

            Following a lap eight restart Brown started to show his muscle on the night as he quickly moved past Crambo for third and placed immediate pressure on Pauch for second. The pressure worked as Brown got around Pauch for second one lap later and he started chasing Perrego for the lead.

            On a lap 11 double file restart Brown got past Perrego for then lead with Tyler Siri moving into fourth past Crambo.

            In victory lane Jackie spoke about the winning pass. “I knew if I crowded him getting into one and he couldn’t get on the throttle that I could pass him. But I knew that I had to stay with him on the straightaway and crowd him in the corner so I could get the line coming off the corner and it worked.”

            With the next 26 laps going caution free heavy lap traffic was going to come into play. Brown had a comfortable lead when he entered heavy lap traffic on lap 20 and his lead quickly diminished as Perrego glued himself to his back bumper.

            Meanwhile Pauch who was a full straightaway behind the leading duo started to close the gap and he was closely followed by Siri and Crambo.

            On lap 33 Brown attempted to move around the lap cars of Byron Worthing and Robbie Compton in turn three. He slipped up and out of the groove and this allowed Perrego to get underneath him but Brown was able to get back in front of Perrego to keep his lead.

            Jackie recalled his unpleasant time in lap traffic on the evening. “A couple of guys just don’t want to move over, I didn’t want to open up room behind me so I followed them and then got impatient and tried that move to go around them and I almost lost the lead, but I made it through.”

            The caution flew on lap 37 and that was all that Jackie Brown, Jr. needed as now he had a clear race track in front of him. On the restart Brown opened up a big lead with the next three drivers holding their spots while Jeff Strunk moved into fifth.

            The next to last yellow of the race appeared on lap 48 as the fourth place car of Siri stopped with a flat right rear tire. Everyone knew that tire wear would be an issue after seeing 312 racecars compete at the track during the weekend and day time on Saturday.

            The final seven laps were anti climatic despite a yellow with one lap to go as up front Brown had the field covered while all eyes were now focused on Alan Johnson who was the fastest car on the track, Johnson made his way to fourth before the race ended.

            Brown cashed in for his first career Five Mile Point feature win over Perrego, Pauch, Johnson, and Strunk.

            “It feels good to get a win here, I’ve run here about 25 times and it feels good to get a win here, especially when there is good money on the line.”

            Brown spoke about his concern of tire wear. “I haven’t got much tire left to be honest with you, maybe only a handful of laps left in them. We went real hard and the tires felt like they didn’t come in until like 20 laps to go and then it just went away right after that. The track we know is always hard on tires and we went the hardest we could and it stayed under us.”

            “If you go in and win a big show here at Five Mile Point, you’re doing something especially with the names that were in this race. It would have been nice to get a normal Saturday night win but I’ll take this big money win any day.”

            A very disappointed Anthony Perrego explained that a too hard of tire choice caused him to finish second. “We went too hard for a tire choice. I smoked a right rear 50 for the American Racer Cup Champions Dash and that is what Jackie had on. We didn’t have time to mount up another tire before we got called out for the feature, so we put this 3b on the right rear and that was too hard.”

            The ultra smooth quarter mile provided multiple grooves of racing throughout the day.  Two-time and defending Five Mile Point Speedway Modified Track Champion Mike Colsten was dialed in on the outside early.  After starting 25th he quickly advanced to ninth place in the first nine laps of the event.  Alan Johnson patiently worked his way from 23rd place after pitting on lap 1 and put on a passing clinic late in the race. 

            Qualifying for the 49 car field had heat wins going to Strunk, Pauch, Johnson, Perrego, Chad Phelps, and Tim Buckwalter. Consolations wins were captured by Billy Pauch, Jr., Robbie Compton, and Mike Mamanna.

            The American Racer Cup Champions Dash for Modifieds was won by Five Mile Point Speedways’ Anthony Perrego who received $2,000 for 15 laps of work. The other drivers in the dash all received a free tire courtesy of American Racer and Lias Tire. Ironically Brown finished second to Perrego in the dash reversing their feature finish. Mike Mamanna charged from 21st to 11th.  Siri a two-time Modified winner at FMP in 2014 started 12th and was impressive only to drop out late. Jeff Crambo drew the number 100 at the beginning of the day placing him last in the sixth heat race.  Crambo rallied for a strong sixth place finish in the feature.

            The USAC Tobias SpeedSTR’s made their first appearance since 2011 at the speedway and it was one of the most star-studded fields assembled anywhere this season.  The event saw past Asphalt Modified winners, Sprint Car, dirt Modified and a Super Modified winner in the field.  The 30 lap feature saw Wayne Weaver dart out to the early lead.  Jeff Strunk rallied past Weaver on lap 4 and had his open wheel car on rails early.  Billy Pauch, Jr. was impressive as he began his charge from the tenth starting spot toward the front.  As the race approached the halfway mark Pauch worked past Strunk for the lead.  Not it was Billy Pauch, Sr. on the move from his 13th starting spot.  On lap 25 the elder Pauch was running fourth and wasted no time over the final circuits to pull in to second on lap 28.  On the final circuit Pauch, Sr. worked past Billy Jr. with a strong inside pass.  The result would be the first ever Five Mile Point Speedway win for Billy Pauch, Sr. The younger Pauch lost several spots on the final lap falling to sixth place at the finish.  The younger Pauch had recorded his first FMP win just one year prior in a 305 Sprint Car during the National Quarter Mile Dirt Track Championship Weekend. Nate Christman, Maxine Plante, Frank Yankowski and Strunk rounded out the top five.

            Shane Wolf, Jr. recorded his second consecutive Race of Champions Street Stock Tour victory this past Saturday.  Wolf started fourth and patiently worked his way on the outside of Dylan Cecce on lap 14 for the race lead.  Cecce would wind up second at the stripe.  Jake Karlnoski crossed the line in third place but was disqualified for being underweight at the scales.  This moved point leader Gene Sharpsteen up to third place at the finish. 

            Tucker Harpell took the lead on lap 16 of the 18 lap Four Cylinder Open and went on for the victory.  Harpell has a knack for the “higher paying” events as he has won the last two mid-summer Anniversary events and this past Saturday’s Four Cylinder Open.  Kyle Fallis was the 600 c.c. Modified matinee feature winner. Danny Buccafusca was the Slingshot race winner during the day program.

WEEKEND NOTES…An incredible 595 green flag laps were run over the two days of the American Racer Cup Weekend…You needed a scorecard to keep track of all of the new driver and car combinations. Jeff Strunk reunited with Norm Hansell while Jamie Batzel wheeled a Hildebrandt racing entry, Richie Tobias, Jr. drove a second Jeff Crambo owned car while Kenny Brightbill drove a backup Joey Colsten Modified, and Alan Johnson was in the Bully’s Truck Plaza car from Canada. Brightbill only ran a handful of laps as the car had a severe push condition during the heat race, Mike Colsten used a provisional to get into the feature with this car as he blew the Ford powerplant in his primary car leading the heat race. Light at the scales cost Jamie Batzel and Mike Ward impressive qualifying efforts while mechanical problems ended the day early for Ray Bliss, Jr. and Tim Guild. Eight drivers did double duty racing in a Modified and in a Tobias USAC Speed STR. The racing program during the afternoon session had to be delayed due to getting the abundance of overflow haulers off the roadways surrounding the facility into the pit area, 312 racecars participated during the two days with 595 green flag laps of action taking place over that same two day period. The Gamblers Bonus worth $200 a piece were captured by Perrego and Tyler Siri. At the end of the show Five Mile Point Speedway owner and promoter Andrew Harpell deemed the weekend an absolute success and announced that the 2nd Annual American Racer Cup Weekend will take place on Friday October 9th and Saturday October 10th 2015 at Five Mile Point.

AMERICAN RACER CUP MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (55): JACKIE BROWN Jr. ($5,500):  Anthony Perrego, Billy Pauch, Alan Johnson, Jeff Strunk, Jeff Crambo, Tim Buckwalter, Randy Chrysler, Chad Phelps, Mike Colsten, Mike Bowman, Mike Mamanna, Tyler Siri, Billy Pauch, Jr., Robbie Compton, Byron Worthing, Stacey Jackson, Nate Christman, Colt Harris, Ric Hill, Glenn Knapp, Brian White, Chris Wood, Richard Smith, Joel Batzel.

AMERICAN RACER CUP MODIFIED CHAMPIONS DASH ($2,000):  ANTHONY PERREGO, Jackie Brown Jr., Stacey Jackson, Mike Bowman, Billy Pauch, Jeff Strunk, Kevin Hartnett.

MODIFIED DNQ’S; Richie Tobias, Jr. Lou Cicconi, Mike Loney, Barry White, Mike Ward, Roger Chrysler, Dana Wagner, Philip Goetschius, Jamie Batzel, Steve Young, Corey Lowitt, Brad Shaffer, Bryan Batzel, Sam Allen, Brad Weaver, Rusty Smith, Tim Guild, Kenny Brightbill, Joey Colsten, Ray Bliss, Jr. Ron Cartwright, Jr., Kevin Hartnett, Steve Babicek.

USAC TOBIAS SPEEDSTR OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (30): BILLY PAUCH, Nate Christman, Maxine Plante, Frank Yankowski, Jeff Strunk, Billy Pauch Jr, Kenny Brightbill, Brad Brightbill, Sebastien Gougeon, Simon Egan, Lou Cicconi, Earl Paules, Craig Whitmoyer, Dan Yankowski, Brandon Grosso, Patrick Rheaume, Dominic Beachesne, Mike Verneuler, Gary Huber, Anthony Perrego, Rick Kirkendall, Wayne Weaver, Francis Methot, Rich Tobias, DNS: Dale Planck, Steve Yankowski

4 CYLINDER OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (18): TUCKER HARPELL, Richard Wagner, Kenny Underwood, Isaiah Forward, Burt Maynard, Don Doster, Brian Baerenfeind, Walt Henry, Mat Mather, Bill Titus, Zach Petre, Rick Lunn, Mark Wheeler, Ronnie Welch, Neil Blaisure, Rick Sinsabaugh, Howard Bailey, Phil Levering, Andy Brigham, Jeff Hayes, Josh Mutz, Dave Bainbridge, John Card, Damian Bausenwein.

RACE OF CHAMPIONS STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (25): SHANE WOLF Jr., Dylan Cecce, Gene Sharpsteen, Earl Zimmer, John Cooper Jr, Bob Buono, Toby Lehr, Randy Fox, Roger Kerrick, Butch Green, Nate Daggett, Jon Carpenter, Josh Butler, Daryl Krebs, Randy Marsh, Jason Rhodes, Kevin Garland, Tom Hampton, John Stanley, Scott Smith, Robert Hill, Brian Russell, Eric Boynton, DQ: Jake Karlnoski

TOBIAS SLINGSHOT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): DANNY BUCCAFUSCA, Cody Kline, Dylan Hoch, Brett Bieber, Larry Raifsnider, John Gilroy, Tony Parlenti, Brian Toby Jr, John Bockhorn, Don Schmitt, Alex Schoffstall, Damian Paul, Dakota Kohler, Dalton Maynard, Henry Anderson, Donnie Hochman, Dan Morgiewicz, Tanner Correia, Carl Bittenbender, Joe Krum, Don Boonstra, Caitlin Krum, Louden Reimert, Jackson Ring, Matt Shultz, Dan Yankowski.



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