(Five Mile Point Speedway Modified Track Champion Could Take Home Over $10,000!)




A lot of excitement is building for the 2014 Five Mile Point Speedway racing season. This year the American Racer Cup has added over $12,500 to the Modified program in cash. This year's Five Mile Point Speedway Modified Track Champion could very easily win over $10,000 for the title. The track point fund will again pay a minimum of $5,000 to the champion! Here is the American Racer Cup Modified Program Breakdown....


1ST - $10,000              6TH - $2,500
2ND - $6,000               7TH - $2,000
3RD - $5,000               8TH - $1,500
4TH - $3,500                9TH - $1,000
5TH - $3,000                10TH - $1,000
*In addition, we plan to have contingency awards paying back through the Top 50 overall places, as we have in the first four years of the program

Home State Championships fueled by Insinger Performance
New for 2014, there will be state champions crowned for the American Racer Cup in addition to the programs already in place with the American Racer Cup.

For each track in each state, there will be $750 up for grabs. The payouts will be as follows.

Delaware (1) – Delaware International Speedway - $750.00
New Jersey (2) – Bridgeport & New Egypt Speedways -$1,500.00
New York (4) - Accord, Five Mile Point, Utica-Rome & Woodhull - $3,000
Pennsylvania (2) – Penn Can & Grandview Speedways - $1,500
*tracks subject to change
These awards will not include the weekly car count bonus that is added in at the end of each season. It will only count the team’s top 12 finishes at their home track during the season.

The leading team at each participating track on August 1st will receive a free tire!

The Top 5 at each race track in the final track points will get tire awards as follows -
1st –5 tires 2nd – 4 tires 3rd – 3 tires 4th - 2 tires 5th – 1 tire

Early Season Membership Tire Giveaways
There will be an early season drawing for teams entering the American Racer Cup prior to March 29th. Five randomly chosen Modified teams will earn a free tire certificate in a pre-season draw. The drawing will take place at the Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour event at Bridgeport Speedway on Saturday, March 29th.

Random Tire Certificate Giveaways
There will be tire giveaways held at each track for each registered team, with up to fifteen giveaways at any given track.
For example, if there are 7 teams registered at a track, there will be seven giveaways. If there are 15 or more teams registered at a track, there will be 15 giveaways scheduled.

Racer Cup Dashes at Five Mile Point Speedway – Saturday, October 11th
On Saturday, October 11th, the highest finishing driver in attendance from each participating AR Cup track will be eligible to participate in a 15 lap dash for $2,000 to win and a free tire to every other participating team!

Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour Bonus
If a driver can win both the American Racer Cup overall title for Modifieds and the Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour overall title there will be a $10,000 bonus awarded.

The top three finishing American Racer Cup Members at any RoC Modified Tour event beginning April 13th will earn the following bonuses…1st - $500, 2nd - $300, 3rd - $200…

Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour Events
* Friday, March 14th Selinsgrove Speedway, PA
* Saturday, March 15th Selinsgrove Speedway, PA
* Saturday, March 22nd New Egypt Speedway, NJ
* Saturday, March 29th Bridgeport Speedway, NJ
* Sunday, April 13th Five Mile Point Speedway, NY
* Monday, May 26th Utica Rome Speedway, NY
* Tuesday, June 10th Penn Can Speedway, PA
* Tuesday, June 24th I-88 Speedway, NY
* Tuesday, July 1st Grandview Speedway, PA
* Wednesday, July 9th Five Mile Point Speedway, NY
* Tuesday, July 29th Grandview Speedway, PA
* Wednesday, August 20th Utica Rome Speedway, NY
* Sunday, September 28th Bridgeport Speedway, NJ
* Saturday, November 1st Five Mile Point Speedway, NY

American Racer Cup Weekend – October 10th and 11th at Five Mile Point Speedway…
On Saturday, October 11th Five Mile Point Speedway will host a special night for the northeast American Racer Cup Modified teams. There will be a special dash for the champions (or top driver from each participating track) paying $2,000 to win. All the other participants in the dash will receive a free tire…There will also be a huge Modified open event paying $5,500 to win and $500 to take the green…

Lias Tire will be on hand to personally redeem tire certificates that teams may have been earned throughout the 2014 racing season. This will be a great opportunity for teams to meet the Lias Tire staff in person and collect your tires on site to launch you in to the big fall specials…Modified teams will be able to redeem their certificates on Saturday of the event. You are not required to attend to redeem your tires…