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Re: May 17 Results




KIRKWOOD, New York…..The night which featured 30 races including 11 feature events found Modified rookie PJ Goodwin victorious in the held over Modified twin 20 race, while veteran driver Brian Weaver picked up the win in the 30 lap regularly scheduled Modified feature. 


Father and son duo Eddie, and Brian White of Candor, New York each picked up wins in Sportsman twin 20 racing, while Scott Bennett got the win in the IMCA Modifieds. In Street Stock racing, Matt Roberts collected his first win of the season after a handful of second place runs. Ian Williamson notched the win in the Xcel 600 cc modified tour event, his career first. The Factory Stocks ran two features in which George Brown, and Buck Mills Jr. both collected wins. Lightning Cat action saw Burt Maynard victorious in the Experts, while Jeremy Warren made it two in a row in the Novice. The figure 8’s were the nightcap of the evening in which Buck Mills Jr. picked up the win again.


Pj Goodwin proved to be a name to watch in the Modifieds in 2014.  On Saturday he became the first Modified Rookie to reach victory lane in this season in the held over 20 lap event. Goodwin started in position 2 immediately taking the lead from Defending Track Champion Mike Colsten.   Goodwin  led the 23 car strong field for all 20 laps. By the midway point of the race Kevin Bates moved up to challenge Goodwin for the lead. Both Goodwin and Bates utilized nearly every lane of the wide racing surface. When the top cars approached moderate lapped traffic, it was Goodwin who made the right moves to get by. Goodwin hung on for the win, while Bates finished second, Colsten finished third, Joey Colsten fourth, and another rookie Nick Petrilak completed the top five.


“The Dream” Brian Weaver drove to his first win of the season in the regularly scheduled modified 30 lap event. Weaver drove up from his fourth place starting spot and took over the race lead on the third lap. By lap 9, Kirkwood driver Jamie Batzel worked his way up to second where he pressured weaver for the closing 21 laps. While Weaver moved around the speedway, Batzel pushed the cushion on the outside of the track for nearly the whole race. A lap 12 caution found Weaver the leader, Batzel second, Barry White in third, Tyler Siri in fourth, while Joey Colsten was fifth. As the racing continued, rookie Anthony Perrego utilized the outside of the track and worked his way through the field from his eleventh starting place and eventually finished in fifth. Another notable run was that of Richard Smith. Smith started towards the back in position 16, and proved to be the hard charger as he raced up to a solid seventh place finish. A lap 23 restart found Weaver the leader, over Batzel, Joey Colsten, Chris Wood in fourth, and Anthony Perrego in fifth. The top 5 would remain the same for the closing 7 laps as Weaver held on for the win.


In the first twin 20 lap race for the Sportsman, Eddie White notched the win in one of the most exciting races of the season thus far. Sportsman rookie Mike Wilmot jumped out to the lead on the opening lap from his second place starting spot and looked to be the car to beat. By lap 10, last week’s feature winner Randy Green moved up to take over second and put on a battle for the lead with Wilmot. As the two raced side by side for the lead, White found himself in third with three laps to go and joined in the mix for the lead. In the closing laps, the top three approached lapped traffic in which Wilmot would lose the lead with one to go as White made the right moves. As they completed the last lap, White got the win, Wilmot held on for a solid second place run, Green finished third, Mike Austin fourth, and Travis Smith completed the top 5.   The race would go caution free which is often the norm with the Sportsman division at the speedway.


The second 20 lap event for the Sportsman found Brian White in victory lane for the first time in 2014. After the field was inverted following the first race, White started in position four. By the third circuit, White moved up to take the race lead, while teammate Kenny Hammond followed him up to take over second. The two ran in the same order for the remaining laps while Travis Smith finished third, Eddie White fourth, and Randy Green completed the top 5.


The IMCA Modifieds found Scott Bennett in victory lane for his first win of the season over Gary Smith, Jared Spalding third, Gary Roberts fourth, and Jason Tuttle completing the top 5.  The top of the speedway was certainly the fast way around as Spalding charged from the back during the late stages but both Bennett and Smith also were utilizing the preferred line.


Matt Roberts finally became victorious in Street Stock action as he held off Randy Fox who finished second, Josh Butler third, Ray Lindquist fourth, and Kinser Hill finishing out the top 5.  Roberts and Fox ran side by side for the first half of the race putting on a tremendous display of talent. 


Burt Maynard collected his first win career win at the speedway in what was a great  Lightning Cat Expert 15 lap feature. Jeremy Warren picked up his second consecutive win the Lightning Cat Novice event. The Buck Mills Jr. number 18 car found victory lane three times during the night as he won the first Factory Stock race as well as the figure 8 race, while George Brown drove it to victory in the second Factory Stock event.


This past Saturday night saw one of the busiest schedules in speedway history with 30 events held, including 11 feature races.  Track Officials and the race teams did a tremendous job of being on line and ready for their main events with the entire show completed by 11 p.m.   Mike Colsten was introduced as a 2014 DirtCar Hall of Fame Induction Member.  He will be inducted in August at the DirtCar Hall of Fame.  On Saturday his crew surprised him with a brand new 2014 "Hall of Fame Lettered" chassis and body after flipping earlier this season at the New Egypt Speedway. This Saturday night the CRSA Sprint Cars will join a busy night of racing at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Racing gets underway at 6 p.m.


MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH TWIN 20 NUMBER 1: P.J. GOODWIN, Kevin Bates, Mike Colsten, Joey Colsten, Nick Petrilak, Brian Weaver, Jamie Batzel, Chris Wood, Anthony Perrego, Barry White, Tyler Siri, Jackie Brown, Richard Smith, Glenn Knapp, Mike Mamanna, Chris Ostrowsky, Steve Babicek, Sam Allen, Greg Morgan, Greg McCloskey, Jeff Schall, George Hildebrandt, Ken Hildebrandt.

MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH REGULAR SCHEDULED (30): BRIAN WEAVER, Jamie Batzel, Joey Colsten, Chris Wood, Anthony Perrego, Mike Colsten, Richard Smith, Jackie Brown, Barry White, Steve Babicek, Glenn Knapp, Nick Petrilak, Chris Ostrowsky, Greg McCloskey, Greg Morgan, Jeff Schall, Sam Allen, George Hildebrandt, Kevin Bates, P.J. Goodwin, Tyler Siri, Mike Mammana, Ken Hildebrandt. 

HELDOVER FACTORY STOCK FEATURE EVENT (15): BUCK MILLS JR., Kevin Skully, Josh Towner, Mike Chilson, Gary Cleveland, Mark Andrus, George Deckelman, Joe Russell, Dave Shafer, Thomas Velez, Nate Hill, Jerry Whitmarsh, Rob Slezak. DNS – Mike Scharder, 31

REGULAR SCHEDULED FACTORY STOCK FEATURE EVENT (15): GEORGE BROWN, Kevin Skelly, George Deckleman, Mark Andrus, Josh Towner, Joe Russell, Gary Cleveland, Thomas Velez, Mike Chilson. DNS Nate Hill, Dave Shafer, Rob Slezak, Jerry Whitmarsh


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15): BURT MAYNARD, Adam Gilbert, Bob Kress, Dave Simms, Andy Brigham, Don Doster Jr., Tucker Harpell, Nick Kennedy, Jeff Hayes, Dennis Keesler, Brian Zaczek, Chad Uplinger, Brian Pope, Rick Lunn, Ken Washburn, Joe Russell, Robert Nober, Frank Smith, Devon Bailey, Matt Mather, Damien Bausenwein, Dave Bainbridge, Bill Titus.

SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH TWIN 20 NUMBER 1: EDDIE WHITE, Mike Wilmot, Randy Green, Mike Austin, Travis Smith, Kenny Hammond, Justin Andrews, Brian White, Brad Szulewski, Nick Mady, Doug Snyder, Billy Moyer, Chris Stevens, Brad Weaver, Ryan Stortini, Gregg Turner, Craig Monroe, Kimberly Morgan, Mark Goodwin, Mike Traver

SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH TWIN 20 NUMBER 2: BRIAN WHITE, Kenny Hammond, Travis Smith, Eddie White, Randy Green, Doug Snyder, Brad Szulewski, Mike Austin, Nick Mady, Mike Wilmot, Justin Andrews, Ryan Stortini, Gregg Turner, Craig Monroe, Kimberly Morgan, Billy Moyer, Brad Weaver, Mark Goodwin, Chris Stevens. DNS – Mike Traver.

STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH: MATT ROBERTS, Randy Fox, Josh Butler, Ray Lindquist, Kinser Hill, Ryan Codington. DNS Darl Ellis Jr., Jesse Velez.

IMCA MODIFIED OFFICAL FEATURE FINISH: SCOTT BENNETT, Gary Smith, Jared Spalding, Gary Roberts, Jason Tuttle, Tanner Harpell, Jake Maynard, Kurt Decker, Mike Stoddard, Matt Cole, Bob Colllins, Nicole Spalding, James Cornell, Tim Vandermark, Brian Mills, Justin Slezak.


EXCEL 600 C.C. MODIFIED TOUR OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  IAN WILLIAMSON, Aaron Bowes, Richie Hitzler, Ryan Mohr, Michael Burrows, Tim VanHorn Jr., Kyle Fallis, Josh Pepe, Kailee Dimorier, Skylar Sheriff, Nathan Brinker, Will Eastman, Jonathon Pepe, Jonathon Josko, Kyle Inglin, Drew Fallis, Shawna Schibilia, Ronnie Molnar, Joe McCabe, Matt Priscott, Dustin Gorick, Kamdin Maby, Tom Shiner, Dakota Barlet, Korey Inglin, Nick Cinquanti, Abbey Price, Doug Windhausen, Jake Knauer.

FIGURE 8 OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH: BUCK MILLS JR., Thomas Velez, Josh Towner. DNS – Jerry Whitmarsh, Mark Andrus, Dave Schafer.



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