Ryan Codington and Cory Inglin Record First Ever  Five Mile Point Speedway Victories!








KIRKWOOD, NY…..Joey Colsten was first to find victory lane on a busy night of racing on Saturday at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Colsten won the 20 lap held over Modified feature, which was good for his second career win at the speedway. Modified point leader Brian Weaver continued his strong start to the season with a third place finish in the 20 lap feature as well as well as picking up the win in the regularly scheduled 30 lap Modified feature.


Brian White edged out Mike Wilmot in Sportsman action en route to the victory in another non-stop 20 lapper. In IMCA Modified action Tanner Harpell led wire to wire and picked up his first win of the season. Ryan Codington collected his first career feature win in the Street Stock feature as he was able to hold off the challenges of Matt Roberts. Korey Inglin also picked up his first career win in the 600cc Modified feature as he led all 20 laps. Burt Maynard found victory lane in the Lightning Cat expert feature, while Dave Rauschmeier collected the win in the Lightning Cat Novice race. Mark Andrus found victory lane twice on the night as he picked up wins in both the Factory Stock, and Figure 8 features.


Chris Wood and Jamie Batzel brought the held over modified feature to the green flag, where it was Chris Wood jumping out to the lead for the opening two circuits. Brian Weaver came up to join the mix from his third starting position and was able to take the lead from Wood on the third lap. As the race continued, Colsten moved up from his fifth place starting spot and found himself in second by just the fourth lap. Weaver and Colsten battled for the race lead for the next several laps until Colsten was able to make the inside pass on lap 9 around Weaver. After fading to third, Chris Wood drove back up to reclaim the second position from Weaver.  The final caution of the race was on lap 19, where the top 5 saw Joey Colsten, Wood, Weaver, Mike Colsten, and Nick Petrilak. On the ensuing restart, Colsten was able to hold off the challenges that he faced from Chris Wood en route to the win. Wood finished in second for the second straight feature, third went to Weaver, fourth Mike Colsten, while Nick Petrilak rounded out the top 5.


In the regularly scheduled 30 lap Modified feature, Glenn Knapp and Modified rookie Pj Goodwin brought the field to the green flag. Knapp led the opening two laps before jumping the cushion in turn four surrendering the lead to Jamie Batzel. As Batzel led, Tyler Siri moved from fifth to second on lap 3 while Glenn Knapp ran in third. As the race continued Nick Petrilak moved around Siri for the second position. Batzel continued to maintain the lead as he ran the outside of the Speedway until lap 19 when Brian Weaver made what would be the winning pass. With ten laps to go Weaver led the way over Batzel, Petrilak, Siri, and Barry White. In the closing stages of the race, the leaders worked in to heavy lapped traffic where Batzel was able to close the gap to about a car length. On the last lap, Batzel gave it one more attempt to pass Weaver but it was to no avail as Weaver held on for the win. Batzel finished second, Petrilak third, Barry White fourth, and Mike Colsten completed the top 5.  The American Racer Cup tire winner for the Modifieds was Jackie Brown Jr.


Brian White was victorious in the Sportsman as he notched another win in 2014. In the early going of the race, Sportsman rookie Mike Wilmot again looked to be the car to beat as he grabbed the early race lead. White and Wilmot then battled for a number of laps for the lead until White was able to get by for good. White got the win while Mike Wilmot, Eddie White, Brad Weaver, and Randy Green completed the top 5.  Travis Smith was the winner of the $85 gift certificate good towards an American Racer tire.


In the IMCA Modified 20 lap feature Tanner Harpell picked up his first win of the season. The win did not come easy, as Scott Bennett challenged Harpell for the lead for a large part of the race. Bennett finished second, third went to Kurt Decker, fourth Matt Cole, and Jared Spalding rounded out the top 5.


Ryan Codington picked up his first career win in Street Stock racing action as he held off the point leader Matt Roberts. Roberts finished second, Ryan Stone third, fourth was Randy Fox, and John Cooper finished fifth.   Roberts pressured Codington in the final stages in what was a great battle but Codington showed his talent with the victory.


The 28 car strong 600 cc Modified feature win went to Korey Inglin. The win was good for his first career victory as he held off 27 other competitors.


Mark Andrus found victory lane twice on Saturday as he won both the Factory Stock, and Figure 8 features. Burt Maynard was back in victory lane in the Lightning Cat Expert feature, while Dave Rauschmeier won again the in the Lightning Cat Novice feature.



MODIFIED 30 LAP FEATURE: Brian Weaver, Jamie Batzel, Nick Petrilak, Barry White, Mike Colsten, Shaun Walker, Jackie Brown, Mike Ricci, Joey Colsten, Chris Wood,  Tyler Siri, Greg McCloskey, Greg Morgan, Jeff Schall, Chris Ostrowsky, Anthony Perrego, Jeff Crambo, Glenn Knapp, Pj Goodwin, Sam Allen


MODIFIED HELDOEVER 20 LAP FEATURE: Joey Colsten, Chris Wood, Brian Weaver, Mike Colsten, Nick Petrilak, Anthony Perrego, Barry White, Jackie Brown, Shaun Walker, Mike Ricci, Pj Goodwin, Tyler Siri, Jeff Crambo, Greg Morgan, Greg McCloskey, Sam Allen, Glenn Knapp, Jamie Batzel, Chris Ostrowsky


SPORTSMAN 20 LAP FEATURE: Brian White, Mike Wilmot, Eddie White, Brad Weaver, Randy Green, Kenny Hammond, Travis Smith, Mike Austin, Bryan Batzel, Justin Andrews, Greg Turner, Brad Cicio, Brad Szulewski, Kimberlee Morgan


IMCA MODIFIED 20 LAP FEATURE: Tanner Harpell, Scott Bennett, Kurt Decker, Matt Cole, Jared Spalding, Gary Roberts, Jake Maynard, Ray McClure, Nicole Spalding, Justin Slezak, Brian Russell


STREET STOCK 20 LAP FEATURE: Ryan Codington, Matt Roberts, Ryan Stone, Randy Fox, John Cooper, Tyler Belcher, Josh Ames, Bob Maynard, Josh Butler, Darl Ellis Jr


600 CC MODIFIED 20 LAP FEATURE: Korey Inglin, John Pepe, Jordyn Mohr, Josh Pepe, Nathan Brinker, Will Eastman, Tim VanHorn Jr, Richie Hitzler, Ronnie Molnar, Tom Shiner, Matt Priscott, Dustin Gorick, Dakota Barlet, John Josko, Aaron Bowes, Doug Winhausen, Michael Burrows, Kailee Dimorier, Joseph Mccabe, Aj Miller, Kyle Inglin, Ryan Mohr, Abbey Price, Bobby Butler, Barry Stuffelt, Kamdin Maby, Ian Williamson, Sean Barchick


LIGHTNING CAT EXPER 15 LAP FEATURE:Burt Maynard, Adam Gilbert, Tucker Harpell, Andy Brigham, Dave Simms, Dennis Keesler, Chad Uplinger, Frank Smith, Bob Kress, Frank Fuller, Rick Lunn, Matt Mather, Dan Bryden, Damian Bausenwein, Jeff Hayes, DNS: Joe Russell


LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE 12 LAP FEATURE: Dave Rauschmeier, Ronnie Welch, Jeremy Warren


FACTORY STOCK 12 LAP FEATURE: Mark Andrus, Gary Cleveland, Jerry Whitmarsh, Randy Travis, Joe Russell


Figure 8 FEATURE: Mark Andrus, Gary Cleveland



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