Regarding the use of wheel plug covers…





Here is an update/clarification on our wheel cover change at Five Mile Point Speedway and the Race of Champions Series events.

Immediate Five Mile Point Speedway/Race of Champions Dirt Race Team Safety Bulletin...For Immediate Distribution...

Recently many racetracks throughout the United States have been evaluating the use of metal wheel covers on Modifieds and Sportsman. This week Fonda Speedway also made a change and our rule will mirror their rule and the current New Jersey State Safety mandate regarding wheel covers.

NO wheel covers may be held on by dzeus buttons or similar type fasteners. Only wheel covers that are bolted to the beadlock directly or are part of the beadlock will be permitted. No plastic wheel covers will be permitted. Foam inserts are permitted.

We wanted to clarify the change so that it was understood by everyone. We did discuss the change with track operators in the State of New Jersey and a number of wheel manufacturers before making this immediate change.



For additional information please phone the Five Mile Point Speedway offices at 607-775-5555 or log on to for more.