KIRKWOOD, NY……Saturday night twin 21’s were on hand for the Modifieds. Jamie Batzel of Kirkwood picked up his first win of the season in the first feature, while Joey Colsten picked up his second twin 21 victory of the year. Tyler Singleton was a first time winner driving to the victory in the Sportsman feature. Randy Fox was in victory lane for the second time this season as he picked up the Street Stock win. Will Eastman won the held over 600cc Modified feature while Kailee Dimorier won the second race. Burt Maynard picked up another win in the Lighting Cat Expert division, while his cousin Dalton Maynard won the Novice event. Tom Velez was the Factory Stock feature winner.

Jamie Batzel and Barry White led the first Modified feature to the green flag, where Batzel jumped out to the early advantage. White slid back in to second while Mike Colsten quickly moved up to third. In the opening laps of the event, Batzel was able to pull away from the pack.

Colsten soon moved in to second, while point leader Nick Petrilak began joining the top cars in battle. White and Petrilak then battled for a number of laps for the third position. Meanwhile the battle was shaping up for fifth as Chris Wood came up to challenge Pj Goodwin for position.

As Batzel began to approach the back of the pack, the yellow flag would fly as 6 time feature winner Anthony Perrego slowed on the speedway. On the ensuing restart Batzel was again able to pull away from veteran runner Mike Colsten. The best battle on the track again continued to be between White and Petrilak for third.

In the closing laps, Colsten was unable to reel in Batzel for the race lead. On the last lap, White surrendered the third position as Petrilak raced by on the top side. Batzel collected his first win in 2 seasons, while Colsten, Petrilak, White, and Wood completed the top 5.

Following the first race Batzel drew to see how the field would be inverted for the second feature. Batzel drew 12th, in turn starting him 12th in the second feature and putting Chris Ostrowsky on the pole.

Ostrowsky and Mike Loney made up the front row for the second race, where Loney wasted no time jumping out in front. Ostrwosky fell back to second, but would soon be pressured from Joey Colsten who had moved up from 4th. By lap 4, Colsten was able to get by for position 2 setting his sights on race leader Mike Loney.

Meanwhile, Brian Weaver raced in to the top 3 after starting in position 6. By lap 5, Colsten found the quick way around the speedway working by Loney for the lead. Tyler Siri then joined the top 5 on lap 7 as he raced by Brett Wright.

As the race continued, Nick Petrilak again looked to be one of the fastest cars on the track as he began to work up through the field. Mike Colsten and Petrilak then battled for the 5th position in the middle stages of the event.

Up front, Joey Colsten continued to dominate the event with Loney running comfortably in second. Weaver still maintained the third position, with Siri close behinf in fourth. The top 3 remained unchanged in the later stages of the event until Petrilak came up to join the mix.

Weaver and Petrilak battled for the third position for a number of laps until Petrilak was able to get by on the last lap.

Colsten picked up his second twin 20 victory of the season, Loney, Petrilak, Weaver, and Siri made up the top 5.

Tyler Singleton was a first time feature winner Saturday as he drove to the Sportsman victory. Singleton led the opening lap, until Bryan Batzel snuck by for the lead. Singleton slid back in to second while point leader Brian White had already passed several cars.

A lap 6 caution scored Batzel the leader with White second, and Singleton completing the top 3. Before the race would restart, the good run for Batzel was cut short as he broken shock ended his night. White then inherited the lead where he soon opened up a big advantage over Singleton.

By the middle stages of the event, Brad Szulewski found the outside to his liking as he quickly raced up from 17th on the grid to fourth by lap 10. White continued to lead the feature until his motor let go on lap 14. Singleton then reinitiated the lead, while Szulewski moved up to second.

By the last lap of the feature, Eddie White had raced all the way back up to third after an early race jingle. Singleton was followed across the line by Szulewski, White, Brad Weaver, and Justin Andrews.

Randy Fox led wire to wire for his second Street Stock win of the season. Fox was challenged all race long by point leader Matt Roberts. Roberts held on for second, Brenton Miller, Tom Savercool, and Matt Spencer completed the top 5.

The IMCA Modified feature win went to Gary Roberts. Roberts and Jake Maynard again put on a great race for the lead, where this time Roberts came out on top. Maynard, Tyler Stoddard, Tanner Harpell, and Kc Cole sompleted the top 5.

Will Eastman was back in victory lane picking up the held over 600cc Modified feature win. A great battle took place between Eastman and Steve Sherwood  for a number of laps. In the regularly scheduled event, Doug Windhausen looked to be the car to beat, until Kailee Dimorier got by in the closing laps for her second win of the year.

Burt Maynard was back in victory lane racing to victory in the Lightning Cat Expert feature. Burt’s cousin Dalton Maynard was also victorious in just his first career start at the speedway in the Novice event. Tom Velez held on to pick up the 15 lap factory stock main event.

5 Sportsman and Modified names were drawn for the American racer cup giveaway. The Sportsman winners received an $85 gift certificate which went to Mike Wilmot, Kenny Hammond, Randy Green, Eddie White, and Brad Cicio. The Modified tire winners were Kevin Bates, Nick Petrilak, Brian Weaver, Richard Smith, Barry White.

Track officials did a tremendous job running off a ten feature night of racing as make up features were added with weeks running out on the schedule.  All of the racing was completed at 10:45 p.m. just prior to heavy rain that swept in to the area. A heavy surface forced track crews to grade up the cushion prior to the Modified Twin 21 features.  The track widened up allowing for great three wide action. All of the feature events skipped lap 13 in honor of Kevin Ward, Jr. The speedway also had a moment of silence prior to the start of the racing program.  Joey Colsten has become the master of 20 lap Modified features at Five Mile Point Speedway.  He recorded the win in a 20 lapper earlier this season and also had a 20 lap victory last season, which was his first ever at FMP.

The racing continues this Saturday as the Modifieds and Street Stocks will run make up feature. The CRSA Sprint cars return to the speedway as well as a full night of racing including Kiddie Rides. Saturday is also youth night, where kids 17 and younger will be admitted free of charge. For more information visit us online at

MODIFIED FEATURE NUMBER 1: Jamie Batzel, Mike Colsten, Nick Petrilak, Barry White, Chris Wood, Tyler Siri, Pj Goodwin, Brian Weaver, Joey Colsten, Brett Wright, Mike Loney, Chris Ostrowsky, Mike Dougherty, Glenn Knapp, Joe Eisenhauer, Rusty Smith, Anthony Perrego, George Hildebrant, Ken Hildebrant, DNS: Joel Batzel

MODIFIED FEATURE 2: Joey Colsten, Mike Loney, Nick Petrilak, Brian Weaver, Tyler Siri, Mike Colsten, Chris Ostrowsky, Brett Wright, Pj Goodwin, Jamie Batzel, Barry White, Rusty Smith, Glenn Knapp, Chris Wood, Mike Dougherty, Joe Eisenhauer, George Hildebrant, Ken Hildebrant, DNS: Anthony Perrego, Joel Batzel

600cc MODIFIED FEATURE: Kailee Dimorier, Doug Windhausen, Kamdin Maby, Tim Frantz, Kyle Inglin, Tom Shiner, Will Eastman, Joe McCable, Jamie Frantz, Steve Sherwood, DNS: Sean Barchick, Matt Priscott

IMCA MODIFIED FEATURE: Gary Roberts, Jake Maynard, Tyler Stoddard, Tanner Harpell, KC Cole, Ray McClure, Mike Stoddard, Matt Cole, Rodney Morgan, Justin Slezak

STREET STOCK FEATURE: Randy Fox, Matt Roberts, Brenton Miller, Tom Savercool, Matt Spencer, Dan Babcock, John Cooper, Ryan Codington, DNS: Jesse Velez, Shane Wolf Jr

SPORTSMAN FEATURE: Tyler Singleton, Brad Szulewski, Eddie White, Brad Weaver, Justin Andrew, Alec Gennarelli, Mike Wilmot, Stephan Denton, Aj Lord, Mike Austin, Gregg Turner, Kenny Hammond, Kyle Pierce, Tom Eiklor, Brad Cicio, Randy Green, Brian White, Travis Smith, Warren Floyd, Bryan Batzel

LIGHTNING CAT EXPERTS: Burt Maynard, Dave Simms, Adam Gilbert, Chad Uplinger, Tucker Harpell, Mat Mather, Brandon Hillyard, Bob Kress, Tasha Curry, Damian Bausenwein, Rick Lunn, Dave Bainridge, George Zeininger, Jason Colwell, Keith Beach, Andy Brigham, Frank Smith, Bill Titus, Dan Bryden, Sheldon Whitman, Dennis Keesler

LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE: Dalton Maynard, Jessey Torrens, Jeremy Warren, Ronnie Welch, Dave Rauschmeier

FACTORY STOCK FEATURE: Tom Velez, Ryan Brockner, Jerry Whitmarsh, Tom Hampton, Josh Wilbur, Billy Shoemaker, Chuck Culbertson

600cc HELDOVER FEATURE: Will Eastman, Jamie Frantz, Kailee Dimorier, Tim Frantz, Doug Windhausen, Joe McCabe, Sean Barchick, Steve Sherwood, Kamdin Maby, Kyle Inglin, Tom Shiner, Matt Priscott, DNS: Korey Inglin, Nick Cinquanti, Aj Miller, Zack Truesdale

AMERICAN RACER MODIFIED TIRE GIVEAWAY: Kevin Bates, Nick Petrilak, Brian Weaver, Richard Smith, Barry White

AMERICAN RACER CUP SPORTSMAN GIFT CERTIFICATE DRAWINGS: Mike Wilmot, Kenny Hammond, Randy Green, Eddie White, Brad Cicio









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