February 25th, 2006


KIRKWOOD, NY..... The Figure 8 race teams at Five Mile Point Speedway will have a beefed up 2006 schedule as the speedway prepares for the 56th consecutive year of racing. Nine races have been slated for the fan favorite Figure 8 racers and free pit pass incentives will be in effect again this season.

The first Figure 8 event is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th as part of the annual “Pack the Track Night” at the speedway. On this night grandstand admission will only be $1 which will allow the Figure 8 racers to showcase their program in front of the biggest attended event of the season.

A few subtle changes will take place in the format for the division this season. Once again an incentive program has been established for teams that paint their cars like a Nextel Cup car. Teams that letter their car in that fashion will receive one free pit pass for each of the nine Figure 8 races this season. Last year teams received two passes but this reduction will see other increases for the teams.

Instead of only the race winner being paid, the top three finishers will each be paid and each of the top three will also receive a trophy at all of the events in 2006. In order for the teams to be eligible for the free pit pass they must file a car registration sheet at no charge and have an approved paint scheme. Each team meeting the criteria will receive a Figure 8 admission card to make their entry into the speedway more convenient.

“We have shown our commitment to the Figure 8 teams with our incentive program in the past and want to continue to build the class,” commented track operator Andrew Harpell. He added, “The spectators enjoy the excitement of the Figure 8 racing and we look forward to a long future with the class at Five Mile Point Speedway.”

Teams can find the registration sheet on the official website – The 56th racing season will get underway at Five Mile Point Speedway on Sunday, April 9th with the running of the annual Southern Tier Open. For more information please contact the speedway offices at (607) 775-5555.