March 29th, 2011


Southern Tier Open To Pit The Top Modified Teams At The Point On Saturday, April 16th.  Past Winners List Included Below!




RE:  Southern Tier Open

CONTACT:  Andrew Harpell – (775-5555)




KIRKWOOD, NYThe 18th running of the Southern Tier Open for Modifieds is set to take place next Saturday, April 16th at Five Mile Point Speedway.  The 40 lap Modified open event will pay a minimum of $2,500 to win.  Race time is 6:00 p.m. A rain date is set for Saturday, April 23rd if needed.


The Southern Tier Open provides teams the opportunity to run sail panels and any 92 x 13 Modified tire for this event.  Big blocks must weigh a minimum of 2,500 lbs. with no tolerance

and small blocks may weigh 2,400 lbs.  To qualify for the weight break a small block must be 361 cubic inches or smaller and may run any carburetor on gas or alcohol.


The Modified Southern Tier Open 40 will pay $2,500 to the race winner.  In addition a special $250 bonus is being posted for both the top Fulton Speedway and Woodhull Speedway team that finishes the 40 lapper.  An additional $150 bonus will be paid to the best finishing runner-up from both of those facilities.  Last year Pat Ward and Billy VanPelt took advantages of the posted bonuses.  The bonus will be paid based on final 2010 points at the respective tracks.


Five Mile Point Speedway will also offer a $250 bonus should a 2010 track regular win the event.  In addition Penn Can Speedway will offer a $250 bonus to their top finishing Modified driver in the 40 lapper based on final 2010 point standings. 


“This event has turned in to one of the must see early season races in the southern tier”, commented track owner Andrew Harpell.  “There is always such a great mix of talent in the Modified field and is certainly a tremendous way to start our 2011 Modified season at the Point.” 


The Southern Tier Open event started out in 1970 as a compliment to the annual Southern Tier 100 each fall.  The event has been run in both the spring and in the fall in the past.  The first year of the event saw Canadian driver Ivan Little capture the victory.  Three drivers have had repeat wins in the event.  They are Mike Colsten (2001, 2008), Mitch Gibbs(2002, 2004) and Rich Ricci, Jr. repeated in 2005 and 2006.  Big names like Stan Ploski, Jack Johnson and Chuck Ciprich have also logged victories in this event.


Last year Last year Pat Ward took the top honors over Mike Bowman, Brian Weaver, Stewart Friesen and Brian Malcolm.  Stewart Friesen rallied late in the event from his 20th starting position on what would ultimately turn in to a dream season.  For Ward it was his first victory in the Southern Tier Open.  Both Bowman and Weaver had top five finishes two years in a row in this event with Weaver winning the 2009 edition. 


This year’s race will have even greater significance as it will be the first weekend of the 2011 American Racer Cup for the northeast Modifieds.  Last year Stewart Friesen came up only 5 points short of an extra $27,000 bonus on the American Racer Cup.  Woodhull Track Champion Billy VanPelt will certainly be looking for a win at the Point in the Southern Tier Open while hoping to take points away from other FMP track regulars in the head to head American Racer Cup competition.


Joining the Modifieds on April 16th will be the point race season openers for the Sportsman, Street Stocks, IMCA Modifieds and Lightning Cats.  For additional information please log on to the official Five Mile Point Speedway website at or phone the speedway offices at (607) 775-5555 you can also find us on Facebook or email the offices directly at


A complete listing of past winners and top five finishers of the Southern Tier Open…


              1970                       Ivan Little

                        1971                       Lou Lazarro

                        1972                       Frank Mears

                        1973                       Stan Ploski

                        1974                       Chuck Ciprich

                        1975                       Jack Johnson

                        2000                       Jim Crawn

                        2001                       Mike Colsten

                        2002                       Mitch Gibbs

                        2003                       Rich Keehle, Jr.

                        2004                       Mitch Gibbs

                        2005                       Rich Ricci, Jr.

                        2006                       Rich Ricci, Jr.

                        2007                       Joey Grammes                                                      

                        2008                       Mike Colsten

                        2009                       Brian Weaver

                        2010                       Pat Ward


YEAR/WINNER   SECOND               THIRD                   FOURTH                               FIFTH

1970  Ivan Little                   George Ely             Stan Ploski            Frankie Schneider                Gerald Chamberlin

1971 Lou Lazarro                Terry Edwards      Jake Ressiga         Roger Beagell                       DeForest Chalker

1972 Frank Mears               Don Beagell          Kenny Moore       Jim Keppley

1973 Stan Ploksi                  Roger Beagell       Jackie Wilson       Kenny Moore                       Walt Emery

1974 Chuck Ciprich            Don Beagell          Billy Osmun          Roger Beagell                       Chuck Akulis

1975 Jack Johnson             Dave Kneisel        Kenny Moore       Pete Cordes                           Don Beagell

2000 Jim Crawn                   Dave Locke           Craig Terrell          Eddie White                          Dave Rumsey

2001 Mike Colsten              Doug Worthing    Mitch Gibbs          Brian Weaver                        Meme DeSantis

2002 Mitch Gibbs               Mike Colsten        Brian Davis           George Kostelansky            Butch Klinger

2003 Rich Keehle, Jr.          Alan Kellogg        Bobby Puckett      Glenn Knapp                         Kirk Horton

2004 Mitch Gibbs               Meme DeSantis    Rick Virkitis           Rich Keehle                           Bob Savoie

2005 Rich Ricci, Jr.              Mike Ricci             Mitch Gibbs          Brian Weaver                        Alan Rudalavage

2006 Rick Ricci, Jr.              Mike Ricci             Joey Grammes       Mitch Gibbs                          Billy Pauch, Jr.

2007 Joey Grammes            Pat Ward               Brian Weaver        Mike Colsten                        J.R. Crouse

2008 Mike Colsten              Joey Grammes       Tony Kawalchuk  Jeff Rudalavage                    Shaun Walker

2009 Brian Weaver             Rich Ricci, Jr.        Kevin Bates          Billy VanPelt                         Mike Bowman

2010   Pat Ward                     Mike Bowman       Brian Weaver        Stewart Friesen                     Brian Malcolm