May 10th, 2003


KIRKWOOD, NY…Glenn Knapp made a dramatic last lap pass to capture his first 358 Modified feature win of the season Saturday at Five Mile Point Speedway. James Cornell, Gary Dence and Bryan Lindsey also took home victories at the Point.

Dave Locke relinquished the lead to Rich Keehle on lap three of the 358 Modified feature and Keehle looked like he might be on his way to his first feature win in the class. J.R. Crouse moved into second on lap six and began to apply the pressure on Keehle.

Glenn Knapp was on the move from his 10th starting spot. The 27 year veteran moved into fourth on lap seven and then chased the leaders for many laps. On two different occasions Crouse had pulled alongside Keehle only to have the caution fly, relegating him back to second.

While Crouse continued to apply the heat Knapp had moved ahead of Locke and made in a three car battle for the lead. Knapp raced past Crouse for second with six laps to go and set his sights on the high flying Keehle, who had flipped his car the previous week.

As the white flag flew Knapp went to the high side of Keehle in turn one. They ran side by side down the backstretch, setting up an incredible finish. Knapp surged ahead in three and four and Keehle pushed up the track allowing Crouse underneath. Keehle and Crouse hooked bumpers with Crouse breaking free and Keehle spinning across the finish line.

Knapp would take the exciting win over Crouse, a spinning Keehle, Don Hart, Jr. and Mitch Gibbs, who had come from the back of the pack twice in the race. Mike Clapperton, Dan Vauter, Dana Wagner, Butch Klinger and R.C. Faigle rounded out the top ten.

The Street Stock feature saw Brett Spoor take the lead from Brian MacRabie on lap six of the 20 lap event. Spoor had Paul Rooney and James Cornell chasing throughout the middle portion of the race.

Cornell took second on lap 12 and set his sights on Spoor for the lead. On lap 15 Spoor left the door open in turn two allowing Cornell underneath the claim the lead. Once in front Cornell was never seriously challenged and cruised to his third straight feature win.

Spoor was second ahead of Rooney, Pat Nolan and Jason Schlafer. Positions six through ten went to Rob Harder, Jerry Tonti, Tracy Gregory, Fred Christ and MacRabie.

Gary Dence has been out of racing since 1992 but took just three weeks to claim his first UMP Modified feature win. The 1990 Four Cylinder Modified Track Champ took the lead from Kevin Cole on lap four and opened a comfortable margin over an impressive Mike Stolarcyk III. Stolarcyk had his hands full with point leader Mike Stoddard as they ran 16 caution free laps.

Dence appeared to have it in the bag when the caution flew with just one lap to go, thus evaporating his ten car length lead. When the green flew for the final lap Stolarcyk, looking for his first win as well, was able to get underneath Dence in turn one. Dence then won the drag race of turn two and maintained his lead to the end.

Dence would score his first feature win over Stolarcyk, Stoddard, Joel Batzel and Ralph Shoemaker, Jr. Sixth through tenth went to Joe Price, Jr., Kevin Cole, Joe Cole, Lee Sharpsteen and Rob Loucks.

Bryan Lindsey won his first Pure Stock feature of the year in exciting fashion after a great battle with Jim Ortiz, Toby Sparks and Charlie Gilbert. Lindsey took the lead for good with eight laps and became the third different winner in as many weeks. He also claimed the B&D Exhaust Pure Stock Challenge bonus for winning both his heat and the feature on the same night.

Lindsey was followed to the line by Ortiz, Sparks, Mark Aldrich and Mahlon Shoemaker. Positions six through ten went to Harry Cook, Jr., Shane Wolf, Walt McClennon, Gilbert and Randy Rolison.

This Saturday the Northeast Vintage Racing Club will join the full show of 358 Modifieds, Street Stocks, UMP Modifieds and Pure Stocks. There will also be kids rides prior to the races. Race time is 6:15 p.m.

COUNTER POINTS…Dave Doig returned to the Modified wars after sitting out of racing for 12 years. The 1989 Irv Heath Memorial winner was up to eighth before dropping out with mechanical failure…The Modifieds, Pure Stocks and UMP Modifieds have each had three different winners in as many weeks.

GLENN KNAPP, J.R. Crouse, Rich Keehle, Don Hart, Jr., Mitch Gibbs, Mike Clapperton, Dan Vauter, Dana Wagner, Butch Klinger, R.C. Faigle, Jim Potts, Bob Hamm, Dave Calaman, Dave Locke, Dave Rumsey, Mike Decker, Dick Sundgren, Dan Hineline, Tom Gervasi, Dave Doig, Dan Morden, Bobby Puckett, Ralph Mele, Jim Crawn. DNQ: Jim Corcoran, Jim Allen, Brett Tonkin, Glen Wilcox, Jamie Corcoran.

JAMES CORNELL, Brett Spoor, Paul Rooney, Pat Nolan, Jason Schlafer, Rob Harder, Jerry Tonti, Tracy Gregory, Fred Christ, Brian MacRabie, Randy Tyler, Ken Taugher, Byron Pitcher.

GARY DENCE, Mike Stolarcyk III, Mike Stoddard, Joel Batzel, Ralph Shoemaker, Jr., Joe Price, Jr., Kevin Cole, Joe Cole, Lee Sharpsteen, Rob Loucks, Jim Fugel, Jeff Cleveland.

BRYAN LINDSEY, Jim Ortiz, Toby Sparks, Mark Aldrich, Mahlon Shoemaker, Harry Cook, Jr., Shane Wolf, Walt McClenon Charlie Gilbert, Randy Rolison, Corey Bond, Bret Barrett, Jeremy Shaw, Jerry Whitmarsh, Dan Babcock, Ray Marbaker. DNS: Dana Gardner, Mike Lartz.