RE:  June 14, 2008 race results


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KIRKWOOD, NY The 2008 trend continued in the Modified division at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Tom McGurrin became the sixth different feature winner in seventh races this season.  The other trend that continued was the harsh weather that hit the area.  Despite area showers the full racing program was completed once again.  Only the May 24th event saw a day that had no rain in the area this season.


Carl Nagel took the lead from his third starting position at the drop of the green flag.  Many expected the veteran chauffeur to be the guy to beat but Brian Weaver had other thoughts quickly moving up from his seventh starting spot.  The only caution of the race flew on lap 6 when Chris Ostrowsky slowed on the speedway.  On the restart Weaver worked around Nagel for the lead and again many people expected this one to be in the books.  Tom McGurrin has been getting faster as the season has progressed and Saturday was no different.  McGurrin worked his way up to second place on lap ten after starting back in eighth.  Weaver had checked out to a commanding lead but McGurrin used lapped traffic and the extended green flag racing to close the gap.


On lap 19 McGurrin had not only caught Weaver but he made a “Tom Terrific” move to take the lead.  Weaver was not done though as he battled back and the two raced side by side for the lead.  On lap 24 Weaver re-established himself as the race leader only for McGurrin to regain the top spot on lap 27.  The two fought “tooth and nail” for the win as they negotiated lapped traffic during the final three circuits.  McGurrin had just enough to hold off Weaver in one of the all-time great Modified races at the Point.  Frank Yankowski collected his best finish coming across the line in third.  Barry White and Joey Grammes rounded out the top five.  J.R Hurlburt followed up his win last week with a sixth place finish.  His finish was impressive as he started sixteenth and only one caution slowed the pace forcing him hunt down the field under green.  Nagel, Mike Colsten, J.R. Crouse and Brent Wilcox rounded out the top ten.


A number of bad finishes found the defending Track Champion Butch Klinger starting on the pole for the 20 lap Sportsman feature.  Klinger wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away as he led the entire distance for the victory.  Justin Holland closed in during the final stages but could not put together a winning pass. Holland wound up second followed by Joey Colsten, Brad Grim and Shaun Walker.


Charlie Gilbert recorded his second Pure Stock feature victory in three weeks after a ten lap side by side battle with Shane Wolf.  Wolf took the lead from Joe Rafferty, Jr. on lap two and had to contend with Gilbert for most of the way.  Gilbert took his first lead with only two laps remaining and was able to hang on for a half of car length victory.  Wolf, Earl Zimmer, Jonathon Carpenter and Mike Codington rounded out the top five.


Gary Dence was looking to rebound from recent mechanical woes in the 20 lap IMCA Modified feature as he darted out to the initial lead.  Brad Weaver was dialed in as he powered past Dence on a lap 8 restart.  Once out front Weaver opened up a commanding lead and never looked back.  Dence continued to run in second place until he was bit with a mechanical problem on the final lap moving him back to twelfth in the final rundown.  Jeremy Shaw wound up second followed by Cliff Pierce, Gary Roberts and George Proctor, III.


In other racing Cody Decker and Gary Kinne split the Lightning Cat feature events.  A special bounty race was held at the end of the racing program.  The top five from each of the earlier features along with earlier season three-peat winner Dan Burnett and four-time winner Cody Decker ran a 12 lap “winner take all” event.  Tim Price led most of the distance but Cody Decker was able to take the lead with only four laps remaining to collect his own bounty.  In Kiddie Cat action Kyle Pierce edged out Tanner Harpell for the victory.  Casey Vaughan was a repeat winner in the “A League of Their Own” main event.


Counter points…Bad weather again swept through the area on Saturday but all of the racing was completed…Despite a 40 minute rain delay prior to the IMCA Modified heats all of the racing was in the books shortly after 10 p.m...Once again the Modified feature event had only one caution in what turned out to be a fantastic 30 lapper…Upcoming events include a full program this Saturday, June 21st…The Race of Champions Dart Dirt Sportsman and Pure Stocks on Wednesday, June 25th and the 44th Heath Memorial STAR series Modified 50 on Saturday, June 28th


FLEET PRIDE MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  TOM MCGURRIN, Brian Weaver, Frank Yankowski, Barry White, Joey Grammes, J.R. Hurlburt, Carl Nagel, Mike Colsten, J.R. Crouse, Brent Wilcox, Glenn Knapp, Gary Griffin, Jeremy Smith, Scott Brady, Ron Mawson Jr., Jason Andrews, James Cornell, Chris Ostrowsky, Greg Tatich, Darrin Schuler, Justin Andrews, Larry Lippencott, Scott Allen, Bobby Puckett.  DNQ – Josh Purcell, Ken Titus, Joel Batzel, Jared Keeney, Brian Malcolm.


FLEET PRIDE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  BUTCH KLINGER, Justin Holland, Joey Colsten, Brad Grim, Shaun Walker, Eric Stephens Jr., Mike      Austin, Harry Cook Jr., Mike Loney, Brian Puckett, Les Gillette, Chris Wood, Jamie Batzel, Nick Rochinski, Ladd Yeomans, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Jim Hughes, Bruce Gould, Don Caldwell, Aaron Shelton.


FLEET PRIDE IMCA MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  BRAD WEAVER, Jeremy Shaw, Cliff Pierce, Gary Roberts, George Proctor III, Steve Simpson, K.C. Cole, Scott George, Ralph Jennings, Joe Cole, Patti Simpson, Gary Dence.  DNS – Jon Rohacevich.


FLEET PRIDE PURE STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  CHARLIE GILBERT, Shane Wolf, Earl Zimmer, Jonathon Carpenter, Mike Codington, Harry Marvin III, Joe Rafferty Jr., Dave Conklin Jr., Eric Beach, Toby Lehr, Nick Austin, Duane Codington, Chuck Culbertson, Rob Snow, Herbert Penny.


FLEET PRIDE LIGHTNING CAT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH 1:  CODY DECKER, Scott Watson, Andy Brigham, Klem Underwood, Tim Price, Chris Taylor, Kaye Brigham, Dan Burnett, Dave Bainbridge, Jonathon Siedlecky, John Welch.  DNS Joe Vaughan.


FLEET PRIDE LIGHTNING CAT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH 2:  GARY KINNE, Mark Tripp, Jeff Hayes, Dan Wood, John Hoover, Dave Simms, Travis     Hayes, Dennis Keesler, Dan Smith, Frank Kennedy, Jason Colwell.  DNS Phil Clapper.


FLEET PRIDE A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  CASEY VAUGHAN, Beth Watson, Kim Hayes, Amanda Brigham, Katie Keesler,Ann Marie Bainbridge, Tami Stack, Brandi Gunn.


FLEET PRIDE KIDDIE CAT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  KYLE PIERCE, Tanner Harpell, Scott Heeman, Brian Batzel, Justin Welch Tucker Harpell, Todd          Titus.    Tucker Harpell was the 8-10 class winner.


FLEET PRIDE LIGHTNING CAT BOUNTY RACE WINNER: CODY DECKER, Dan Wood, Tim Price, Mark Tripp, Gary Kinne, Klem Underwood, Andy Brigham, John Hoover, Jeff Hayes, Dan Burnett, Scott Watson.