July 3rd, 2010




KIRKWOOD, NY…Nick Petrilak recorded his fourth victory of the season in front of a packed house at Five Mile Point Speedway on Saturday night.  Other winners included:  Jeremy Quick in the CRSA Sprint Car Feature, Butch Getz (600 c.c Mods), Cody Decker(Street Stocks), Dan Wood and Nick Griest (Lightning Cat Experts), Duane Kinne and Troy Kress (Lightning Cat Novice), Laurie Fallis (A League of Their Own), Rob Warner(Figure 8’s) and Doug Stack Jr., and Jason Colwell (Kiddie Cats).


The 20 lap Sportsman feature event was uncommon for the class as a number of cautions would slow the action on Saturday night.  P.J. Goodwin raced out in to the early lead with Chris Wood in tow.  Petrilak, who started in eighth quickly charged to the outside of the quarter mile and looked like he might be the guy to beat.  That outlook changed when Petrilak jumped the cushion and lost a number of spots in the process.  Goodwin continued to lead out front and now Charlie Hendrickson, Jr. tried to remain close.  By the mid-way point Petrilak had rebounded from the earlier mistake and now found his way in to the top five.  Just two laps later he made his way in to second place and swung to the outside of Goodwin for the lead.  The two would run side by side for several laps before Goodwin would relinquish the lead on lap 15.  Petrilak would go on for the victory with Goodwin, Wood, Justin Holland and Hendrickson rounding out the top five.  Holland also rebounded from a lap 6 tangle that saw him re-start at the back of the field and charge up to his fourth place finish.


Cody Decker took the lead on lap 11 from Darl Ellis, Jr. and went on for his fifth feature win of 2010 in his rookie season.  Jeremy Quick started on the pole in the 25 lap CRSA Sprint Car feature event and led wire to wire.  Josh Pieniazek made a late race challenge on Quick but was unable to work past at the wire.  Racing continues this Wednesday night at Five Mile Point Speedway with the Race of Champions Dart Dirt Modified and Sportsman Tours and round II of the Colossal Cat Challenge race.


SPORTSMAN 20 OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  NICK PETRILAK, P.J. Goodwin, Chris Wood, Justin Holland, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Mike Loney, Ken Titus, Mike Austin, Dwayne Rommins, Brad Szulewski, Bryan Batzel, Jeff Crambo, A.J. Lord, Jamie Batzel, Jerry Tonti, Mike Decker, Carl Heater.


STREET STOCK 20 OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  CODY DECKER, Darl Ellis Jr., Doug Polhamus, Charlie Gilbert, Jon Carpenter, Tyler Yeagle, Shane Wolf Jr., Doug Stack, Todd Sutliff, Steve Polhamus, Dave Mutz, Joe Warren, Karl Shimer, Mike Codington, Rob Snow.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT 15 LAP OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  DAN WOOD, Dennis Keesler, Nick Griest, Dave Simms, Kenny Underwood, Travis Hayes, Bill Titus, Laurie Fallis, Jeff Hayes, Rob Slezak, Tyler Harpell, Gary Kinne.


LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE 12 LAP OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  DUANE KINNE, Mike McDaniels, Tanner Harpell, Troy Kress, Todd Titus, Tom Desmond, Dave Desmond, Kim Hayes, Jason Colwell, Kyle Lingerfelt, Laurie Fallis.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT HELDOVER 15 LAP OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH: NICK GRIEST, Dennis Keesler, Tyler Harpell, Kenny Underwood, Jeff Hayes, Dan Wood, Bill Titus, Dave Simms, Rob Slezak, Travis Hayes, Gary Kinne.    


LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE HELDOVER 12 LAP OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  TROY KRESS, Mike McDaniels, Duane Kinne, Tanner Harpell, Kim Hayes, Jason Colwell, Dave Desmond, Tom Desmond.


KIDDIE CAT FEATURE EVENT:  DOUG STACK, JR., Tucker Harpell, Tim Vandemark.  Best of class…Jason Colwell *(8-11 year old group).




FIGURE 8 OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  ROB WARNER, Joe Warner, Mark Andrus, Brian Garvey.


600 C.C. MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH 20:  BUTCH GETZ, Mike Keppler, Brian Mady, Cody Coons, Dave Baldwin jr., Tyler Bartik, Aaron Bowes, Eric Whitby, Richie Hitzler, Chris Stockham, Kasey Ernst, George Loux, Mike Kelly, Alec Bartholomew, Joe Fanelli, Justin Schraden, Ryan Suchon, RJ Smith, Jon Horn, John Lakatos, Jeromy Guistwite, Loren Ward, Bob Sell jr., Dave Baldwin sr., Sean Weiss, Arielle Roldan, Madison Brensinger, Nick Mady, Nick Seaman


CRSA SPRINT CAR FEATURE 25 LAP OFFICIAL A-MAIN FINISH:  1. Jeremy Quick, 2. Josh Pieniazek, 3. Brett Jaycox, 4. Matt Tanner, 5. Phil Peworchik Jr., 6. Jamie Christian, 7. John Matrafailo, 8. Billy Jaycox, 9. John Cunningham, 10. Art Kiser, 11. J.R. Hurlburt, 12. Jeff VanSteenburg, 13. Bruno Leombruno, 14. Billy Corsa, 15. Mike Bosco, 16. Warren Alexson, 17. Curtis June