August 7th, 2010





KIRKWOOD, NYShaun Walker captured his first career Modified feature win on Saturday night at Five Mile Point Speedway.  It was the second straight Saturday that a first time winner pulled in to the Modified victory lane at the Point.  The week prior saw Brian Puckett notch his first victory.


Gary Griffin started on the outside front row for the 30 lap feature event and quickly emerged as the race leader.  Griffin, Jim Gabriel, Jr. and Joey Colsten hooked up in a great battle for the lead in the early stages.  By the mid-way point Walker had moved in to third place with Brian Weaver now fourth and Gabriel in fifth.  For the second straight week Colsten would drop to the pits while running in the top five moving Stewart Friesen in to the top five.


On lap 19 Walker slid underneath Griffin for the lead as Weaver also worked past at the same time.  Weaver tried to stay with Walker but now had to contend with a hard charging Friesen.  Weaver and Friesen ran side by side for several laps allowing Walker to open up his advantage.  With two laps remaining Friesen took over second place but was unable to close the margin on Walker.  Walker went on to his first career Modified victory with Friesen, Weaver, Griffin and Brent Wilcox completing the top five.


Jamie Batzel emerged the winner of the $1,000 to win Sportsman special event on Saturday.  Nick Petrilak led from laps 4 to 15 before pulling in to the pits with a right rear flat tire.  Batzel took over on the restart and ran away from the field by using the outer limits of the quarter mile.  Jeff Crambo would finish second with Mike Loney, Paul Strohl and Petrilak rounding out the top five.


Mike Smith recorded his second consecutive win in the IMCA Modified division and unofficially took over the point lead.  Smith took command on lap 2 after starting in eighth place.  Scott Bennett, Gary Roberts, Brad Weaver and Tyler Stoddard completed the top five.


Darl Ellis, Jr. has been plagued with bad luck throughout the season but on Saturday he was able to shake the bad streak with a victory in the 20 lap Street Stock main.  Ellis took the lead on lap 2 and would go on to lead the distance.  Another driver with a season of bad luck has been Tyler Yeagle.  Yeagle ran in second for the first 8 laps only to have transmission problems sideline him.  Cody Decker, Shane Wolf Jr., Charlie Gilbert and Rob Snow completed the top five.


Other winners on the night were Duane Kinne in the Lightning Cat Novice (his third straight), Nick Griest in the Lightning Cat Expert, Tucker Harpell in the Kiddie Cats, Laurie Fallis in the A League of Their Own and Mark Andrus in the Figure 8 division.


MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (30):  SHAUN WALKER, Stewart Friesen, Brian Weaver, Gary Griffin, Brent Wilcox, Jim Gabriel Jr., J.R. Hurlburt, Brian Puckett, Brian Malcolm, Ken Titus, Kevin Bates, Eric Palmer, Mike Colsten, Carl Nagel, Bobby Puckett, Brent Boyer, Joe Krisovich, George Hildebrandt, Vinnie DeCicco, Joey Colsten, Darrin Schuler, Lucas Schroth, Nick Rochinski, Ray Dann, Tom Oleski, Glenn Knapp, Barry White.


$1,000 TO WIN SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  JAMIE BATZEL, Jeff Crambo, Mike Loney, Paul Strohl, Nick Petrilak, Mike Austin, Mike Nagel Jr., Chris Wood, Carl Heater, Justin Holland, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Jerry Tonti, P.J. Goodwin, Tyler Singleton, A.J. Lord, Bryan Batzel.  DNS Billy Clark.


STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  DARL ELLIS Jr., Cody Decker, Shane Wolf Jr., Charlie Gilbert, Rob Snow, Karl Shimer, Joe Warren, Brian Titus, Tommy Groover, Nick Nye, Tyler Yeagle, Dan Babcock, Steve Matuszak, Doug Stack.  DQ Paul Harrrington.


IMCA MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  MIKE SMITH, Scott Bennett, Gary Roberts, Brad Weaver, Tyler Stoddard, Mike Wilmot, Gary Dence, Howard Jones, Matt Roberts, K.C. Cole, Shawn Bruce, Charlie Gilbert, Mike Stoddard, Patti Simpson.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  NICK GRIEST, Dan Wood, Jeff Hayes, Kenny Underwood, Dave Simms, Gary Kinne, Dennis Keesler, Tyler Harpell, Travis Hayes, Rob Slezak.



Anthony Seward, Jason Colwell, Mike McDaniels, Laurie Fallis, Tanner Harpell, Hank Bausenwein, Jerry Tunney, Damien Bausenwein.  DNS Troy Kress.


LANTZ AUTO A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN:  LAURIE FALLIS, Michelle Colwell, Marisa Cublertson. 


FIGURE 8 OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  MARK ANDRUS, Matt Spencer, Joe Warner, Dave Mutz, Randy Richards, Dennis Copp, Mark Cardew, Rob Warner.