May 1st, 2010




Kirkwood, NY…Stewart Friesen from Niagara on the Lake, Ont. recorded the victory in the 30 lap Modified feature event at Five Mile Point Speedway on Saturday night.  The event was the first point race of the 2010 championship at the speedway.


Friesen started eighth in the field of twenty six starters and took the lead on lap 22 from Binghamton’s Mike Colsten.  Friesen went on to win by eight car lengths over Binghamton driver Jim Gabriel, Jr.  Gabriel made his way past Colsten for second with only two laps to go but could not close the margin on Friesen.  At the finish it was Friesen, Gabriel, Colsten, Nick Rochinski and Gary Griffin. 


Cody Decker, from Kirkwood won the 20 lap Street Stock feature event in only his second start in the division.  The rookie driver took the lead on lap 3 and held off defending track champion Charlie Gilbert from Binghamton over the final circuits.  Decker was the 2009 Lightning Cat Champion and moved up to the class in 2010.  Following Decker and Gilbert were Doug Stack, Doug Polhamus and Shane Wolf, Jr.


Mike Loney led the field to the green in the 20 lap Sportsman feature event.  Nick Petrilak was hustling to the front quickly as he advanced from his fifth place starting spot.  Petrilak worked his way past Loney on lap 7 after the two had a spirited battle for several circuits.  From that point Jamie Batzel worked on Loney for second but was unable to make it past.  At the finish it would be Petrilak, Loney, Batzel, Justin Holland and last weeks winner Jeff Crambo.


In the 20 lap IMCA Modified feature Gary Roberts started in the eighth starting slot and took the lead by lap 3.  Late race challenges by both Scott Bennett and Mark Griffin led to a great finish but Roberts was able to hang on for the victory.  Bennett wound up second followed by Griffin, Mike Smith and Mike Wilmot.


MODIFIED 30 OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  STEWART FRIESEN, Jim Gabriel Jr., Mike Colsten, Nick Rochinski, Gary Griffin, Kevin Bates, Brian Malcolm, Shaun Walker, Brian Weaver, Frank Yankowski, Ken Titus, Chad Cook, Joey Colsten, Brian Puckett, Eric Stephens Jr., Matt Latwinski, Wade Decker, Joe Krisovich, J.R. Hurlburt, Barry White, Bobby Puckett, Brent Boyer, Glenn Knapp, Eric Palmer, Tom Oleski, Bernie Griffin. 


DNQ – Scott Brady, Brent Wilcox, Carl Nagel, Darrin Schuler, Greg Tatich.


SPORTSMAN 20 OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  NICK PETRILAK, Mike Loney, Jamie Batzel, Justin Holland, Jeff Crambo, Chris Wood, Mike Mammana, P.J. Goodwin, Butch Klinger, Gary Rothermel, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Mike Dougherty, Mike Austin, Rick Brown, Bryan Batzel, A.J. Lord, Mike Nagel Jr., Dave Conklin Jr., Tyler Singleton.  DNS – Jerry Tonti, Harry Cook Jr.


IMCA MODIFIED 20 OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH: GARY ROBERTS,  Scott Bennett, Mark Griffin, Mike Smith, Mike Wilmot, Joe Cole, Mike Pratcshler, Matt Roberts, Gary Dence, KC Cole, Brad Weaver, Shawn Bruce, Mark Andrus, Kyle Twigg, Bernie Baker, Patti Simpson, Ed utter, Bruce Tinsley, Howard Jones.  DNS Mike Stoddard, Larry Colton. 


STREET STOCK 20 OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  CODY DECKER, Charlie Gilbert, Doug Stack, Doug Polhamus, Shane Wolf Jr., Ken Sparks Jr., Butch Green, Steve Polhamus, Tyler Yeagle, Shannon Oswald, Tom Garren, Larry Champion, Mike Codington, Wayne Baldwin, Dave Mutz, Rob Snow, Dwayne Jackson, Joe Warren, Duane Codington, Darl Ellis Jr., Brian Titus, Todd Sutliff.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH:  DAN WOOD, Kenny Underwood, Dennis Keesler, Nick Greist, Rob Warner, Tyler Harpell, Lanson Albanese, Bill Titus, Dave Simms, Gene Wood, Jeff Hayes, Travis Hayes, Gary Kinne, Beezer Wilkie.


LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH: RICK TREXLER, Tanner Harpell, Laurie Fallis, Duane Kinne, Kim Hayes, Mike McDaniels, Jason Colwell, Tom Desmond, Todd Stanton, Jerry Tunney, Troy Kress, Josh Mutz, Mark Girodano, Cody Botts, Kyle Ross.  DNS Anthony Seward.