ALL DRIVERS IN WEEKLY FMP DIVISIONS:  are eligible for (5) free pit passes to the following Saturday night’s racing program.  Must display Five Mile Point Speedway decal (provided) on race car to be placed in random drawing.  Must be willing to arrive at the speedway one half hour prior to grandstand gates opening to display car and answer spectator questions.  All drivers and divisions are eligible.  If a winning team is unable or declines to display their car the following Saturday, another drawing will be held.


ALL FIGURE 8 DRIVERS:  are eligible for 1 free pit pass on the night of their events if they paint their Figure 8 car with a paint scheme of a current Nextel Cup race car.   A Membership card will be presented to each team that meets the requirements.  Must have approved paint scheme to avoid duplicates.  Drivers in other divisions at the speedway can compete in the class but are not eligible for the free pass.


2009 POINT FUND DISTRIBUTION:  Point fund money will be distributed at the season ending awards dinner (must be present to receive money).  Drivers must be a Five Mile Point Speedway Member in order to be eligible for point fund money.  Crew members must be a Five Mile Point Speedway member holder to be eligible for crew member of the year awards.    


2009 GUARANTEED STARTERS RACE:  If any division sees more than 8 non-qualified teams during a weekly point race a guaranteed starter’s race will be held at the next point race.  This event will be the first event held the next week and will include all of the previous week’s non-qualified teams.  The event will see 2 drivers earning guaranteed starting spots that night in the 25th and 26th starting spots.  All teams will still have an opportunity to better their qualifying position through the regular scheduled heat races that will follow.

Additional incentives and bonuses will be worked on and created throughout the season.  Teams will be made aware of any additional bonuses or incentive programs as they may become available.