2009 - Lightning Cat/A League of Their Own Rules

Approved Cars:

  • Any front wheel drive 4 cylinder car with a maximum wheel base of 103 inches.
  • Stock original unibody with full floor, firewalls, trunks & inner fenders.
  • Dash and steering must remain stock for the make and model.
  • No convertibles, station wagons, two seat sport cars, four-wheel drive, independent suspension allowed.

Engine, Transmission, and Rear end:

  • Stock motor for the make and model.
  • Stock carburetor or fuel injection for the motor.
  • Stock transmission for the make and model.
  • Stock rear end for the make and model.
  • Battery must remain under the hood.
  • Must have stock suspension.

Gas tank:

  • GAS TANK CAN REMAIN STOCK IF IT IS AHEAD OF THE REAR AXLE. IF STOCK TANK IS BEHIND THE REAR AXLE THAN IT MUST BE REMOVED. A fuel cell or a boat tank (7 gallons maximum) must be mounted in the trunk area, covered and secured properly to replace the tank behind the axle.
  • All fuel lines must be properly secured.
  • Must have firewall between driver's compartment and the trunk area.
  • HOODS:  are required and must have an opening along with fender opening cut for fire extinguisher if needed.  Two holes must be placed in hood for extinguisher access.

Tires and Wheels:

  • Tires and wheels must be stock size for the model of the car.  All four corners must be same size. 
  • No racing tires or recaps.
  • No aggressive tread design (ex: Blizzard, Snow or Ice Winter Tread).


  • Roll Bars MANDATORY: A FULL 6 POINT roll cage constructed of mild steel tubing is RECOMMENDED. Major tubes MUST be 1½ O.D. x .090 wall thickness MINIMUM. The major tubes are all tubes in the six-point cage and the driver's door bars. Driver and passenger openings MUST have two side bars with uprights. All roll cage bars in driver's area must be padded.
  • All glass must be removed (except windshield) and a screen placed in the windshield area.
  • A window net on the driver door is mandatory.
  • Doors must be welded or chained shut.
  • Approved aluminum racing seat mandatory. Stock drivers seat must be removed. Cars must have 5-point racing seat belt harness, no more than 5 years old, securely fastened with bolts.
  • Approved fire suit, helmet, gloves, and neck brace are mandatory.  Fireproof hoods are also mandatory.
  • If fire suit is two piece.  Fire proof underwear must be worn. 
  • All cars must be neatly and brightly painted. Dark cars not recommended.
  • Numbers must be painted on both sides of car in a color offering distinct contrast to color of car. Numbers must be legible - 3" wide and 18" high. All numbers will be legible.
  • Front and rear tow hooks MANDATORY.
  • Safety is of the utmost importance in this division. Any car deemed unsafe by the technical inspector will not be eligible to compete until safety requirements are meet.
  • Car claim – A car claim may be made in the amount of $1,000.  No safety equipment (fuel cell, netting, padding, seat are included).  In order to claim a car the following things are required.  Claiming driver must have a functional race car, complete in meeting the rules along with a running motor.  Driver must be in the same designated division as the car being claimed (novice or expert).  Driver must be a weekly competitor and the claim must be made on a point race evening.  Claiming driver must make a written claim and post $1,000 in cash to the chief pit steward prior to the start of the feature race.  Speedway officials can deny any claim based on intent. 
  • A battery master shut off switch is required and must be located between the steering wheel and roll cage within reach – of the outside of the vehicle.  Must be clearly marked.
  • Any language, symbols or numbers on the car that can be offensive are not permitted.
  • At no time shall anyone exit their race car while on the track.  In the event of fire, driver should exit as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Any violations listed in the general rules section of the 2009 rulebook will result in suspension.  This includes, fighting, speeding throughout the pit area, not following officials directives or acting in a fashion that is unfavorable toward other competitors.  This class was designed to be a fun/entry level division.  Anyone that is unfavorably affecting the division with their actions or an over competitive car will not be allowed to compete.
  • A raceceiver radio or scanner able to hear race officials on 454.000 will be mandatory effective May 2nd. 
  • Two divisions of Lightning Cats will be in place for 2009.  The novice class will only be for drivers that have not won a feature prior.  The division will award trophies to the top three drivers and points throughout the class.  An over competitive driver will be required to move in to the expert class.  Speedway officials may take this action at any time.  Any driver that is over competitive in the novice class will be required to move in to the expert class during the course of a race season.  The expert division will pay the top five finishers at each event and award points.  This division is for drivers that have won in the past or drivers that choose to compete in this division.  The winner will also receive a trophy.  Any driver that is deemed not to be qualified for the expert class will be placed in the novice division. 

This division is an amateur/trophy division. Drivers may not compete in any other division. Drivers with previous racing experience in any other division are not eligible. Over competitive cars or drivers will be eliminated from competition.  Any component found to be unacceptable/or unapproved will be considered illegal and will be required to be changed.  If a driver makes such modifications of their car that is determined to be detrimental to the division – the car will be banned from participation.  If you want to cheat your car be prepared to be expelled from the class for the entire race season without debate.


Point Distribution Breakdown

            Pos.     Novice Division            Expert Division             Championship Points

            1.         30                                60                                100

            2.         28                                56                                95

            3.         26                                52                                90

            4.         25                                50                                85

            5.         24                                48                                80

            6.         23                                46                                76

            7.         22                                44                                72

            8.         21                                42                                68

            9.         20                                40                                65

            10.       19                                38                                62

            11.       18                                36                                60

            12.       17                                34                                58

            13.       16                                31                                56

            14.       15                                30                                54

            15.       14                                28                                52

            16.       13                                27                                50

            17.       12                                26                                48

            18.       11                                25                                46

            19.       10                                24                                44

            20.       10                                23                                42

            21.       10                                22                                40

            22.       10                                21                                38

            23.       10                                20                                36

            24.       10                                20                                36

            25 – 30 same as 24th position.




1.         Car numbers will be assigned by the handicapper. Car numbers from the previous year will be held for one week into the new season. The handicapper reserves the right to have any car number changed, enlarged or altered

2.         All numbers and letters will be limited to four; if four are used, one must be a primary number. Example: 35.KH

3.         Team cars must be clearly distinguishable from one another using a different color, number or letter.

4.         The numbers of cars to be qualified in each heat will be (decided by the handicapper and posted on the pit board before the start of the first heat.

5.         Feature line-Ups will be handicapped as follows: The first portion of the cars that qualify will be handicapped into the feature. The remainder of the qualified cars will be lined up in heads up fashion behind them. The consi qualifiers will then follow in the line up with any guaranteed starter added to the rear of the field. Example: Four heats, five cars to qualify. The first three cars will be handicapped. Positions four and five will start heads up behind them and ahead of the consi qualifiers. Guidelines:

Three heats, 6 qualify -4 handicapped

Four heats, 5 qualify. 3 handicapped

Five heats, 4 qualify -2 handicapped

Six heats, 3 qualify -2 handicapped

6.         If a driver may only attempt to qualify one car in heat racing.  If a second car is required for a consolation event the driver must start last.

The other car(s) is not eligible. On postponed events, the driver is qualified only! Driver may run a different car without losing position.

7.         All driver changes MUST BE REPORTED TO THE HANDICAPPER. Failure to do so will result in a one week handicapping penalty.

8.         No member of a racing team. driver, owner, sponsor, crew or anyone affiliated with the said team may enter the scoring tower unless RECEIVING PERMISSION.  Failure to abide by this can result in a fine, a one week suspension, and/or a two week handicapping penalty. ANY INQUIRY MUST FIRST BE REPORTED TO THE PIT STEWARD.

9.         Points and finishes are official when posted at the pit shack. If there are any questions, the owner or driver has five days to contact the handicapper through the speedway's phone number or see him on any race night.

10.       Top five in points are guaranteed to start the feature in their division. however, the guaranteed starter must make an attempt to qualify.   A maximum of two guaranteed starters will be added to an event.  Any other of the top five in points would be offered a “buy in” after the first two spots are filled.

11.       The first two events of a new season will see the top 12 or 15 heat qualifiers re-draw for feature starting position. "Heads up" format will not be in effect. The number to re-draw will be established and posted prior to the first heat race of the evening. Normal handicapping procedure begins on week number 3 of a new season.

12.       Drivers must take the original green flag of the feature in order to receive last place money and points. Any car that qualified and does not start will be         considered as the first DNQ car.  The "bubble car" may only join the field prior to the white flag being displayed on the original green and if less than the    posted number of starters has not been met. "Bubble cars" entering the speedway after         white flag will not be eligible and will be black flagged.

13.       Handicapped lineups will be based on the previous the dollars earned over the previous three racing events. Cars not in attendance will be handicapped as     if they had won that race meet with one dollar added to that total. Bonus money, lap money or sponsor incentives bonuses will not count toward that total.    Only     the "base purse" will be counted.

14.       Management reserves the right to run a program without heat races should weather or curfew become a factor. In the event that heat races are not run, the            feature lineup will be     based (in order) on the top 18 in the current point standings. Remaining cars will be added via a consolation event if needed.

15.       Al1 restart lineups will be based on the last completed lap.



1.      Location for original starts is at the cone in turn four (4) – Flagger starts the race.  Restarts take place between the tires in turn 4, leader starts the race.  Whether single or double file starts, NO PASSING UNTIL YOU PASS THE CONE.  Nose to tail, simple fact is if you can see the back bumper of the car in front of you, you won’t be called on a jump.  First improper start results in a restart.  Second improper start, the cause of the improper start goes to the rear of the field.  If the leader is jumped on a restart, the race will still go green with the offender being placed back to second place on the next restart.

2.      Penalty for jumping restarts – If you have advanced your position, at the next caution you will go back to the position you were in when you jumped.  (Start in position five (5), jump the start, you will return to position five (5) when the next yellow is thrown.  If there are no yellows prior to the finish of the event, your finishing position will revert back to fifth place (even if you cross the line in the first position).

3.      All restarts will be double file up until the halfway point of the race.  (Exception:  If two cautions occur without completing a lap, the restart will be single file.  Will then revert to double file restart unless same condition occurs.)  When the yellow is displayed, ALL drivers are to fall into single file so that scorers can review the lineup – ANY DRIVER FAILING TO FALL INTO SINGLE FILE FOR ANY REASON WILL BE SENT TO THE REAR.  During yellow flag periods, officials are on the speedway responding to an incident.  DO NOT JEOPORDIZE THE SAFETY OF AN ON TRACK OFFICIAL TO TRY AND GAIN A SPOT UNDER YELLOW!    Driving double file under yellow to challenge a spot will NOT be allowed at any time.  Once the speedway is cleared, the starter will call for the field to re-assemble in double file fashion. 

4.      ANY DRIVER THAT CHALLENGES THEIR ON TRACK POSITION WILL BE SENT TO THE REAR OF THE FIELD.  Under each yellow flag period, the scorers check the standing lineup, pulling out of line will not change the written starting order.  This is an unsafe practice and will not be tolerated.

5.      One-way radios are mandatory in all classes.  The radio frequency is 454.000

6.      Any car that is involved, spins or stops to avoid an incident is considered to be involved in the caution.  Better to stop and try to avoid a wreck and restart in the back of the field then to try and driver through or over a wreck and end up on the tow truck out of the event.

7.      If a caution is thrown in turn one (1) for a mishap and a car spins in turn three (3) after the initial caution, that driver is eligible to remain in their spot prior to the spin.  Only the cars involved in the initial incident location will be sent to the rear.

8.      No repairs are to be made on the speedway or on pit road at the turn four exit, for any reason.  The car must be pulled off the racing surface to make a repair, no matter how minor it may be.  Any car that pulls off of the speedway to make a repair will start in the last position upon their return.

9.      No driver is permitted to stop at the flagger stand for any reason.  Any time the flagger has to stick his head into a stopped car on the homestretch he is in a position to be injured.  The only time that a driver may stop to communicate with a track official is to notify the official of debris on the racing surface.  Driver should pull to the inside of the backstretch racing surface and communicate this to the backstretch official.  No positions may be questioned by stopping on the speedway.

10.  If you are involved in an accident on the speedway STAY IN YOUR RACECAR unless a safety issue arises.  If you do not stay in your car it will be towed to the infield and not the pits.  The tow truck drivers need to be informed as to where your parking spot is.

11.  One way pit (go around) – if beyond yellow stakes in lower pit, you may take the shorter route to track, use caution & be aware of cars exiting the track.  All others MUST make the loop in the pit area.  If you don’t – you will be called back in to the pit area to complete the loop.  If the race ends without you completing the loop, you will be penalized one lap at the finish.

12.  Regular distance features for Pure Stocks, IMCA Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks and other support classes will be restricted to 30 minutes in duration, exclusive of a red flag period.  Due to the number of laps Lightning Cats will have 25 minutes to complete their feature.

Any competitor who uses their car to ram or spin another competitor or retaliates to such, while running under caution or at the completion of an event, will be disqualified for the night.  In addition, drivers are responsible for their own actions, and the actions of their crew, families and friends.  Any member of a race team that enters another pit area or tower for purposes of confrontation, altercation or intimidation or takes physical action against any track official, will be disqualified for the night.  There will be no money or points awarded as a result of the disqualification.   Such action may also result in the revocation of racing privileges. 


Drivers that leave tires and junk on the speedway grounds will be subject to fines and suspension.  A $100 fine will be in place for each tire left behind after the races by a team.  The team will be suspended from competition until the fine is paid. 


If you see unsafe or unsportsmanlike conduct in the pit area please notify a race official so that action can be taken.  Five Mile Point Speedway is run in an atmosphere to promote family fun.  Anyone causing unnecessary infractions or add to create a detrimental racing environment will be suspended indefinitely.