Please see rules amendment notes on weight for sportsman with aluminum wheels on bottom of page…


Complete chassis, body, safety and all other rules specifications for this division are listed in the previous Modified rules section with the following exceptions:
      Tire:  Five Mile Point Speedway Sportsman Modified Track Tire:

                        American Racer 92/13 SD 48 or 50 right rear compound

                        American Racer 87/13 SD 44 left rear compound

                        American Racer 85/11 SD 33 right front compound or harder

                        American Racer 84/11 SD 33 left front compound or harder

Available through French’s Auto Parts (607) 774-4500.




Three options are allowed in 2013. Two engine options must use the MSD rev limiter part# 87286. Crate option must use a maximum rev limiting chip of 6200 rpm. Open head option must use a maximum rev limiting chip of 6000 rpm. Option three open head without rev limiting chip.

Crate Engine - Factory sealed crate engine Part #88958602

                        Crate engine MUST remain as manufactured by GM.

                        Crate engine distributors MUST remain stock as supplied by GM (unaltered in any way).

                        Engines may not have GM factory seals tampered with. Anyone found tampering with a crate engine may be suspended from PCS.

                        Only GM replacement valve springs may be used - GM part#10212811.


Before any repairs are performed on the crate engines, PCS must be contacted.

                        Records of all repairs ON TRACK OFFICIALS REQUEST.

                        The crate engine uses four barrel Holley carburetor part # 4777 in STOCK form.

                        A maximum 1‟‟ unaltered single-hole carb spacer plate is allowed

                        PCS Management reserves the right to exchange or confiscate a crate engine at any time to ensure its legality. Failure to surrender the engine equals disqualification from the event and an automatic lose of all PCS points.


Crate Engine: CARBURETOR

                        One 650 cfm Holley carburetor is required. Only part numbers #4777 and #80777 are permitted.

                        HP carbs allowed

                        The carburetor must maintain stock venturi and throttle bore dimensions: primary venturi 1-1/4”. Secondary venturi 1-5/16”.

                        The carburetor must remain stock in all respects.

                        Booster height must remain stock (no cutting or polishing).

                        No visible modifications without disassembly.

                        Go/no-go gauge measurements valid on hot or cold carburetor.

                        Carburetor modifications permitted are listed below; any other modification not mentioned is not legal.


-Holes drilled in the throttle plates for proper idling.

-Drilling, tapping and plugging of unused vacuum ports.

-Welding of throttle shaft to linkage arm.

-Drilling of idle or high speed air correction jets.

-Milling of center carburetor body metering block surface a maximum of .015” on each side.

-Removal of choke plate and shaft.

-The jets may be changed as needed.

Ported Cast Iron

                        Stock OEM North American passenger car V-8 engines with cast iron blocks and cylinder heads (GM, FORD and Chrysler) are allowed with the following exceptions: Cast-Iron Ported heads:Stock OEM American passenger car heads will be allowed. Chevy Vortec or Ford GT 40 heads are not allowed. Chevrolet bow-tie, Chrysler W2, Ford performance and Dart 180 or 200 heads heads are allowed providing they conform to the rules. Heads may be ported but no material may be added. Intakes may be port matched to cylinder head only. Factory valve spacing and angles must remain unaltered. Must pass ball test. No aluminum heads.

                        Cast-iron ported head engine rule must use only the BRP Carburetor adapter part # BRP377 or Brodix HV301-1. This adapter must remain as manufactured and not be altered in any way. Carburetor must face forward in the conventional manner.

                        All parts must have casting or original part numbers on them for identification.

                        Only normally aspirated engines are permitted.

                        All engines must maintain stock bore and stroke combinations.


Engine Maximum Overbore C.I.

(A) GM Crate 4.00” bore x 3.480” stroke 350

(B) Chevy 350 C.I 4.00” bore x 3.480” stroke. +.070” 363

(C) Chry 360 C.I. 4.00” bore x 3.578” stroke. +.020” 364

(D) Chry.340 C.I. 4.04” bore x 3.313” stroke. +.060” 350

(E) Ford 351 C.I. 4.00” bore x 3.500” stroke. +.060” 363

                        Engines must not pump more than specified cubic inches.



Ported Cast Iron: BLOCKS

                        The engine block and all internal parts must meet stock specifications for its make.

                        No Bow-Tie or other performance type blocks are permitted.

                        The DART „Little M sportsman block (part #3115111) is permitted.


Ported Cast Iron: RODS

                        OEM stock production or aftermarket solid steel rods are permitted.

                        No titanium, aluminum, or billet permitted.

                        Rods may not be polished.

                        Rod lengths must be OEM specs for the engine block used. Example: Chevy is 5.7”, Chrysler is 6.125”, Ford is 5.956”.

                        Rod type must match Engine type. You can only use Ford in Ford, Chevy in Chevy and Chrysler in Chrysler.


Ported Cast Iron: CRANKSHAFTS

                        Any steel or cast iron crankshaft is permitted providing it maintains stock stroke as manufactured for the engine block used.

                        Aftermarket OEM replacement crankshafts with holes drilled through crankpins are permitted providing they maintain stock appearance and specs.

                        No lightweight cranks are permitted. 52lb minimum.

                        The minimum rod and main journal sizes must be Chevy, Ford, or Chrysler specs only less factory undersize.

                        Knife-edging, narrowing, or cutting down the diameter of the crankshaft counter weights is not permitted.

                        No polishing of the crank is permitted.


Ported Cast Iron: PISTONS

                        Any brand, three ring flat top aluminum pistons only.

                        No coating of any kind permitted.



                        Any steel or cast iron, stock OEM vibration dampener is permitted providing it is not machined or altered in any way.

                        No fluid or friction dampeners are permitted.


Ported Cast Iron: CAMSHAFT

                        Any make hydraulic or flat tappet is permitted.

                        No roller cams, roller gear driven cams, mushroom lifters or lash caps are permitted.

                        OEM engines with shaft rockers as standard may use shaft rockers. Otherwise, shaft rockers and stud girdles are not permitted.

                        Roller rockers with optional ratios are permitted.

                        Lifters must maintain stock OEM diameters.

                        Lifter bores must remain in stock OEM positions and angles, but may be rebushed for wear.

                        A flat steel lifter galley plate may be used to prevent engine damage in case of push rod failure.



                        An optional aluminum four barrel, spec manifold must be used.


- The manufacturer is Brodix part #HV1011 for Chevy,

- Edelbrock part number 2915 for Chrysler 340 heads,

- Edelbrock part number 2920 for the Chrysler W-2 head, and

- Edelbrock part number 2981 for the Ford 351 Windsor.

                        All intake manifolds listed above may be ported as seen fit. No material may be added. Carburetor maximum height measured from bottom of carburetor base to machined horizontal gasket surface of block will be 7” in both front and rear of block.


Ported Cast Iron: CARBURETOR

                        Holley carburetor, part #4412, is the only carburetor allowed and must run a maximum spacer adapter of 1-1/16” including gaskets. The adapter must not be ported , tapered or altered in any way.

                        Metering block: Clarification of metering block part #s allowed. Allow the use of Holley number 11180, 10570 in addition to part #s 5924 or 5925 on 4412 carbs only.

                        No modifications of any kind will be permitted to these carburetors except those listed below (box stock only).

                        Conventional round type air cleaners only. No ram air, air box or heat shield.

                        Air cleaners that provide ventilation through the top cover (such as the K & N brand) are permitted.

                        No air induction plastic carburetor inserts or other devices to direct air into intake are permitted.

            No air diffusers are permitted.

                        Carburetor modifications permitted are listed below; any other modification not mentioned is not legal.


-Holes drilled in the throttle plates for proper idling.

-Drilling, tapping and plugging of unused vacuum ports.

-Welding of throttle shaft to linkage arm.

-Drilling of idle or high speed air correction jets.

-Milling of center carburetor body metering block surface a maximum of .015” on each side.

-Removal of choke plate and shaft.

-The jets may be changed as needed.

Crate Engine and Ported Cast Iron Engines: IGNITION:

                        Stock OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) distributors only are permitted. Rev box must be under hood. Black wire must be grounded to the motor only.

                        Coils must be stock appearing. All wiring to rev box must not be covered up.

                        No trigger ignition. Rev box chip must face up & be taped in.

                        On H.E.I. ignition systems, the coils must be OEM and remain in the distributor.

                        Option A must remain factory

                        Option B welding of advance weights and removal of vacuum advance is allowed.

                        When hood is removed rev box must be in clear view. No cover over motor.

                        The fitment of one (1) unaltered approved MSD/DIRT rev limiter part number 87286 with a 6200 chip for Option A (Crate) and 6000 Option B (Ported cast Iron) is required. NOTE: PCS reserves the right to confiscate or switch ignition boxes at any time or any event.

                        Only one 12 volt battery permitted, which may not measure at more than.

                        No step up transformer or any other devise that increases the voltage will be allowed.

                        OEM firing order must be retained. Chevy 18436572.

                        No traction control devices are permitted. No form of braking devises that controls traction.


Crate Engine and Ported Cast Iron Engines: LUBRICATION SYSTEM

                        No dry sump system is permitted.

                        Oil must be in a steel pan only.

                        The oil pan must have a 3/4” inspection hole for connecting rod verification on the left side of pan. 1” hole.

                        No external oil pumps or Accu-sumps are permitted.

                        No form of engine evacuation system by internal or external driven pumps or by connection between exhaust system and valve covers, intake manifold or oil pan is permitted.

                        Oil coolers are permitted providing they are mounted under the hood or the left side wing only. If under the wing a shield or scoop must be made for driver protection.


Crate Engine and Ported Cast Iron Engines: WATER PUMP

                        Water pump must be cast iron only.

                        The radiator fan must be steel only.

                        No electric cooling fans or pumps are permitted.


Crate Engine and Ported Cast Iron Engines: FUEL

                        Sunoco Racing fuel 110, 112 is the only racing fuel legal for the ported head engines.

                        Commercially available pump gas may be used with both motor options.

                        No nitrous or any other additives are permitted.

                        All fuels are subject to random testing at each track.

                        Proof that racing fuel has been purchased at the track may be required by PCS Officials.

                        Fuel pumps must remain in and be driven as stock OEM equipment.

                        No electric fuel pumps are permitted.


Crate Engine and Ported Cast Iron Engines: MINIMUM WEIGHTS

                        1. GM CRATE ENGINE with rpm rev limiter - 2350lbs. (tsp)

                        2. WITH OPEN HEADS with rpm rev limiter-2400lbs. (tsp)

                        3. WITH OPEN HEADS AS SPECIFIED - 2500lbs (tsp) No aluminum wheels allowed.

                        4. Track scale weight will be final.


Rule Amendment For Weights…

The Sportsman division will now follow the RoC (Race of Champions) weight rules that have been run in the past at the speedway.  Teams will now be permitted to use aluminum racing wheels in weekly competition.  The weights will be as follows:  teams using steel wheels must weigh a minimum of 2,450 lbs.  Teams using aluminum wheels must weigh a minimum of 2,500 lbs. Any one running with a crate motor has the following two options:  steel wheels must be a minimum of 2,300 lbs. aluminum wheels must weigh a minimum of 2,350 lbs. These weight rules over ride the above rules for weight…