Five Useful Tips for Motorcycle Maintenance

Five Useful Tips for Motorcycle MaintenanceEnsuring the lifespan of your motorcycle means you need to perform routine maintenance. Following the maintenance schedule and recommendations from manufacturers is very important. In this article, we will give you some useful tips to maintain the performance and prolong the lifespan of your motorcycle properly.

Here are several suggestions on how to take care of a motorcycle properly.
• Air filter: having an air filter clogged from dust and dirt will make your motorcycle unable to properly breathe. It will cause decreasing performance and power loss from the motorcycle. Remove your air filter physically and inspect for possible clogging. If your air filter is severely damaged, replace it immediately to avoid further maintenance issues.

• Spark plugs: this part is very important the overall performance of your motorcycle. It is recommended for you to blow the hole where the plug is housed with a compressed air within a can. With this way, you can remove any debris and dirt from the hole to avoid foreign materials falls to the engine once you remove the plug.

• Chain: inspect your chain visually at least every 500 to 700 miles or twice per month if you consider yourself a less frequent rider. This part of your motorcycle has a function to transfer the power to rear wheel from engine. It needs to be adjusted and cleaned, depending on your riding for safety reason. A damaged chain may cause severe malfunction to the motorcycle and possible injury to the rider.

• Fluids: following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer to change the fluids of your motorcycle is very crucial, especially if the motorcycle is currently under warranty. If you do not use the oil recommended by the manufacturer, it may void the warranty. Getting manufacturer’s recommended fluids is not hard. Just visit nearest dealership and ask the staff about the fluids for your motorcycle models.

• Engine oil: changing engine oil every 3000 miles or 6 months is recommended. The main function of an engine oil is to be a lubricant for your machine. It also reduce the noise, maintain the temperature of soma parts of the engine, and become the piston seal. Choose an oil that has good consistency.

Those are several tips to take care of your motorcycle and prolong its lifespan. Regular maintenance is recommended, and if you cannot so it yourself, you can visit dealership or mechanics to handle it for you.

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