Formula One Championship as the Famous Motorsport

Formula One Championship as the Famous Motorsport

Everyone must have been so popular with Formula One and its championship. This annual championship always draws attentions for sport, especially motorsport, lovers. This kind of sport is totally special since it is not kind of sports played in the field or stadium. This sport is on the hot and long track of asphalt and this is about speed and skills. Of course, vehicles or cars found in Formula One Championship is not car that can be found in any garages. These are special cars with certain formula of engine and that is why this champion uses the term ôformulaö. There are special specifications of the cars. Although there can be some specification, it does not mean that all cars in this championship are the same. These open-wheeled cars have different settings and designs, and this make people love to watch them running on the road.

When it is about Formula Ones, it is not limited to the speed or engine of the car itself. This famous motorsport uses special engine that may not be found in common cars. Even, sport cars still cannot be compared to this engine since they are designed for competition. Its top speed can be so high, that is why this competition is not merely about engine, but it is also about the skills of its drivers. Each driver has different skills and these are used in the competition. Of course, skills supported by great specification and setting of engine will make the team win the championship.

Then, this motorsport is also about the design of the body. Since the cars are running in very high speed and the tracks have some bends and turns, of course design of the body is important. it must have good aerodynamics so the cars can run well without being blocked by the flow of air. Then, its design must also make the cars easy to control and handle, since it is going to run in very high speed. There are still other things and these all make Formula One Championship the most famous competition in the world.

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