Some Types of Motorsport

Some Types of Motorsport Motorsport is one of the great sports. As basketball and soccer, this sport also has its own fans and supporters. There are also many other things that make this sport so popular nowadays. Engine and drivers or riders are the important point in this sport. Engine plays important role since motorsport is sport of vehicle. Then, the vehicle will need riders or drivers to control the vehicles to reach the best position in the end of the race. In this case, there are many kinds of motorsport.

About motorsport, there are two-wheeled vehicles for the race. For the two-wheeled vehicles, MotoGP and Motocross can be the great example. Although both of them are about motorcycle, but they are so different. MotoGP is race on the track of asphalt, but the motocross does not need asphalt. This sport needs terrains and the specification of the motorcycle can also be different since the tracks are also different. For MotoGP, it is more about speed. The engine is set to produce great engine and acceleration and its body may not need special attention. This is different from motocross that will need better specification of the body since the motorcycle must jump and land safely. Then, its engine is more about power instead of speed.

For the four-wheeled motorsport, there are some options to have. For United States, NASCAR race will be the most popular to see. This race is about the race of sedans on the track of asphalt. This race can be so interesting since they are not regular sedans but there have been some upgrades made on the engine. Then, there is also Formula One as the other option of race. This is different from NASCAR since this needs special cars with open-wheeled specification. Its car is more like a prototype that can a regular car, but its engine is totally fast.

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